That’s Deep:: Can We Really Be Proud Of President Obama?

thats deep

I have often wondered how today will be painted in history. What will I tell my children and grandchildren about my lifetime? I can say that at one time, I’ve lived life without the luxury of TV remotes. I’ve experienced the death of the cassette tape and the birth of the mp3 player. I’ve experienced an America shaken by acts of terror in New York. Adding to the list, one of the most significant moments of my life was the experience of electing the first Black President (unless what I’ve heard is true about there having been several black presidents before George Washington). I cried. I shouted. I was very happy to be a very small part of a major shift in American history. Should I really be proud though? Has President Obama swindled me and the rest of us by getting elected and not doing anything worth celebrating?


What will I tell my grandchildren about the President Obama? For starters, he’s held true to his word on more occasions than not. Despite the opposition’s attempts to beleaguer his progress, he has brought about “change we can believe in.” President Obama has achieved so many feats that Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu were able to compile a list of his top fifty accomplishments between his election in November 2008, and the Spring of 2012. In just three years, according to these three authors, Obama’s top 50 accomplishments include:

  • Passing Healthcare Reform (Affordable Healthcare Act)
  • Passing the Stimulus ($787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
  • Passing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
  • Ending the War in Iraq
  • Diminishing the number of number of troops in Afghanistan by 10,000+
  • Eliminating Osama Bin Laden
  • Improving America’s image abroad
  • Kicking banks out of the Federal Student Loan Program
  • Signing the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act

And the list goes on. I wanted to know if President Obama has been true to his campaign promises and came across “The Obameter” an illustration built specifically to delineate whether the POTUS’s campaign promises have been kept. This meter shows that President Obama has kept 45% of his promises, broken 22%, compromised on 25%, and 7% of his promises are in the works. If he can swing that last 7% into the “kept” group, he will have done about half of what he said he’d do. I’d say that’s pretty decent considering what it actually requires of a politician in D.C. to make a promise and hold true to it. President Obama has results that we can quantify, not just smoke, mirrors, and misdirection.

No one likes the idea of Obamacare it seems, but I can’t say that I’m upset about it just yet. As a newlywed who will be introducing children to this world in the next few years, having affordable healthcare coverage is a must. Although it may not be as cheap as I had hoped, my wife and I are insured together and a lot of the guess work of buying insurance has been eliminated. Considering the fact that we’re both at or beyond the cutoff age to stay on our parents’ health plans, Obamacare came at just the right time for us. With the national debt that America has accumulated, I’m eager to see how much revenue the Feds will make over the next few years and how much will be applied to that debt and other programs. I’ll definitely add Obamacare to my list of things to tell my future grandchildren about.

Obama climate change speech

Do you remember talking about the greenhouse effect and global warming in Middle School? Guess what. President Obama has taken the initiative to do something about it. John Abraham, writing for, says

We finally have a president that understands science. We finally have a president that honestly includes scientists as decision makers – rather than effectively muzzle them. We finally have a president that recognizes the social and economic costs of climate change.

Yep, mandates for American businesses to further reduce the emission of pollutants into our air are in the works. You know what this means, right? President Obama is like the Captain Planet that America has needed for quite some time. He has been declared the first president to take serious action on climate change. In lieu of the current VA debacle, President Obama is still stacking additions to the Win Column. While others have discussed it for decades, President Obama is getting it done in his second term.

The My Brother’s Keeper initiative should really have gotten more press, but that’s okay, I remember it being launched. “What is that,” you ask? It’s an effort to shift cultural norms for young men and boys of color. It’s an attack on the barriers that stand between these young men and success in this country. The My Brother’s Keeper initiative is the first time, that I know of, that there has ever been a national focus on young minority males to find solutions to our problems. Then again, the prevalence of gun violence and single-parent households has never been so high. Building more jails and cemeteries is not the answer and President Obama has made that clear. Chalk that up as another win for President Obama.


He’s fighting against the torture of prisoners and inhumane interrogation practices. He’s brought thousands of soldiers home and is working to keep the U.S. out of more conflicts abroad. So, can we be proud of President Obama? Heck yea! Don’t let the pessimism of those that would like to be in his shoes fool you. There are those that believe that America is supposed to be the big stick of the world and should jump into everyone else’s conflicts. Don’t listen to them when they say that the POTUS is weak. There are those that say Obamacare is will be the detriment of society, but see for yourself. Pay close attention because there will come a time when you’ve got to pass on your knowledge of what happened today to the youth of tomorrow. Let your account be of what really happened and not of what someone else told you. So, don’t take my word for it. The information is out there for us all.

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