The Daily Takedown:: 3 Things To Consider While Voting In The Primary


It’s been dubbed ‘the nastiest race in the country’. Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel face off in the GOP Senate primary today with huge implications not only in the state of Mississippi but also for the entire country. Here’s 3 things you need to know ahead and during this big election.

Mississippi’s voter ID laws are now in effect.

This is the first time people will have to show their ID’s at the poll in Mississippi. So when you vote make sure you have some kind of government issued photo ID or else you will have to vote via affidavit. Unfortunately the MS GOP won the took advantage of the right to try to restrict the vote so while activists work hard to try to reinstate pieces of the Voting Rights Act we have to abide by this ridiculous law.

Voting for the lesser of two evils isn’t the right way to make a difference.

While it is tempting to vote in the GOP primary just to make sure the nightmarish scenario of McDaniels getting elected won’t happen, voting for the same old same old with Thad Cochran is just as bad. Voting for the status quo is settling and giving in. No matter what, keep fighting for the candidates with a little sense and it could help in the long term.

The country is watching.

After the Washington Post dubbed this the nastiest race in the country and after what seemed like an endless amount of negative ads, the MS primary has the country’s attention. This also has tons of implications on the grip of the Tea Party in the country as a whole and the inter party war between the GOP and the Tea Party. If the Tea Party is able to unseat a 40 year senate veteran they will have garnered enough momentum as a whole party to try to take over the country.

Now that the bickering and negative ads are over, all that remains is to see what the state has to say.

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