“I’m Just Saying..”:: 5 Tips For Millienials That Move Back Home


The real world is rough. The job market is unpredictable and cost of living is absurd in many popular cities. So because of that many 20 somethings have to make the sacrifice to move back home and reenter the nest. And if you have lived on your own for a while, this requires a lot of adjustment. So for you 20 somethings who are in your “Squatting Season” I have 5 tips make your season and the transition a little easier.

1) Purge

Trying to cram 4+ years worth of belongings into a small room filled with childhood memories and can be pretty stressful. Boxes all over the house for weeks or months will drive you and your family crazy. Whatever cannot fit in your room or in a vacant space in your parents home should go. Whether you plan to sell it, donate it or pay for a storage unit, something must be done to clear the clutter. Living in clutter and chaos can make the move back more stressful for you and your family than it has to be. Make more personal space for everyone in the house the better. The less tension the better.


2) Do Chores

If your parents are gracious enough to let you move back in for free to little rent do not gripe about doing chores. I know you have gotten use to only cleaning up after one person or leaving your things around your house, but you are no longer in that setting. It will make the adjustment easier. It will help keep peace in the home and your mind occupied.

3) Take a field trip

Do not sit in the house all day, especially if you are not working. It will make you lazy. An idle mind will depress you and cause you to over think. You can only search for jobs and clean for so many hours in a day. Get out of the house at least once a day and go be active. Whether it’s a walk around the block, sitting outside on the porch or riding around the city, getting out of the house and giving yourself something to do always makes you feel more productive.

4) Exercise

Do something positive with your frustration and extra time on your hands. Exercising will reduce your stress, clear your mind and increase a positive mood. And you will look better in your interview dress or suit too. Everybody wins.


5) Plan

If you don’t want to live with your parents forever you will need a plan. Whether you would like to pursue a different career or continue in your current profession, you have to come up with something. What better way to plan with the added motivation of getting back out on your own for good?

I hope these tips help you get over the final hump into total adulthood. Take some responsibility and initiative and plan for the future. Usually after getting out a second time there is no coming back so get ready.

I’m Just Saying..


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