“Cue The Rant!”:: Gun Control? Not In America


Another day, another mass shooting. Seems like the norm here in this country and we seem to be used to it. A California teen went on a rampage at his old school wounding 13 students and killing 4. Unfortunately we know situations like these all too well. So what are we doing about them?


“Cue The Rant!”

After every mass shooting Bill O’Reilly loves to remind us, “In a free country you can never stop unfortunate things like mass shootings. It’s just impossible. People will find a way one way or another.”


I don’t subscribe to that. It’s nobody’s fault but our own as to why things like this keep happening. Our gun nut culture has created this unfortunate monster. We as American’s love our guns. And I mean we love them a lot. And organizations like the NRA exacerbate the situation by blocking any piece of gun control legislation that makes it way to the Congress or Senate floor no matter how much sense it makes.

Only the GOP can push for regulations for rights like voting but push for almost no regulations for things like gun ownership.

It’s the far right sects of the GOP and organizations like the NRA who strike fear in the hearts of your guns being completely taken by the government. And outlets like Fox News perpetuate the fear.

The “the government wants to take our guns to disarm us and make us weak to conquer us” conspiracy has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. If you had a brain you would realize your gun or guns aren’t protecting you from the federal government. They don’t care about your guns. They have entire army’s. They have drones. They have things like nuclear bombs.


There are now more guns than people in the United States. And here’s the most interesting thing about it; gun ownership is actually down in the country. Less and less people and family’s have guns but at the same time there are record sales of guns. So who’s buying them? Those same loons that watch Fox News and are constantly being made to believe their “traditional values” are under assault. The population that owns guns is getting more and more concentrated. Who knows what that will mean for the future of gun control legislation. Will gun regulation efforts be met with less resistance or more now that there are less of us with guns?

That has yet to be seen. All we do know is how the world is without any type of gun control. What would it hurt if we actually try a little?

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

6 responses to ““Cue The Rant!”:: Gun Control? Not In America

  1. “Our gun nut culture has created this unfortunate monster.”

    Total bullshit.

    Read the killer’s 137+ page manifesto. He was in therapy since he was 8 years old. His doctor prescribed him a medicine for schizophrenia, a very dangerous mental illness that largely explains his rant in that manifesto, and his murderous rampage.

    With schizophrenia like what he had you can’t distinguish reality at all.

    But his doctor apparently didn’t test him to see if he took that medicine and he didn’t. No one reported him to the FBI database to deny him if he tried to buy a gun. And his parents bought him a BMW, first class flights to London, and he apparently got enough money to drop $700 at a time on lottery tickets (which he believed he was destined to win).

    This guy was absolutely looney tunes. His doctor knew and his parents knew and what little they did about in the end didn’t stop him.

    Stop the bullshit about gun culture. The problem is letting totally dangerous people walk around instead of making them take medications or putting them in institution if they won’t. That has been the story of a bunch of these mass killers. Medical professionals knew they were bat fucking crazy and dangerous and did nothing.


    • The gun nut culture did create this monster.

      If there had been some regulations.. ANY regulations will go towards preventing tragedies like this. Yes mental illness played a huge part. But the fact it’s so easy to get a gun in this country even for the mentally ill is ridiculous. No one is going to put a kid like him on an FBI database because he’s schizo. If guns and large magazines continue to be as accessible bad things will continue to happen.

      • “If there had been some regulations..”

        A lot of those regulations would also make it much more difficult for sane and law abiding citizens to be able to have a firearm and since many thousands of lives are saved every year by such people, it would cost thousands of lives, property, rape, etc.

        The idea that there is a simple fix and it is more gun control is not sane, except the alternate universe some gun grabbers seem to think we live in.

        “If guns and large magazines continue to be as accessible bad things will continue to happen.”

        Bad things will continue to happen until we address dealing with seriously dangerous mentally ill people, both for their good and ours.


      • Also thought to mention this. You may know that the courts struck down Chicago’s law recently in regards to owning handguns and legal concealed carry. The law was struck down due to the suit of a black man who lived in Chicago and was denied a permit although the area he lived in had become more and more dangerous over the years.

        That man’s name is Otis McDonald and he died the other day. He is a hero to many.


    • We need it to be tough to own guns. Bad things will continue to happen as long as it remains so easy to get a gun. This is the country without gun control. And it’s terrible. It’s not a simple fix. It’s a start.

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