Liberty Belle:: You Can Help Change Mississippi Forever


The MS Education Ballot Initiative is something Amber holds close to her heart because she truly believes it will set the foundation to change Mississippi forever. At the very core of our state’s long list of turmoil and our vast troubled history of racial inequality and slavery lies the root of many of our states issues; Education.

It is, I think, just about universally recognized that Mississippi education, for black or white, is grossly inadequate in comparison with education around the country.” –Charles E. Cobb (1963)

That quote (which I heard at the Meeting of the Minds conference a few months back) is over 50 years old and is still very much accurate today. The advocacy group Better Schools, Better Jobs wants to change that.

Mississippi’s registered voters have the power to put an important issue to a vote – that’s called a ballot initiative. The Better Schools Better Jobs initiative will allow voters to decide if they want their schools better funded so that our children are better prepared for good jobs. A ballot initiative will make public education a state priority. 

Mississippi Adequate Education Program is defined here from

“The Mississippi Adequate Education Program Act (MAEP), passed in 1997, was enacted as a school finance equity measure to address the lack of resources to provide an adequate education for all children in public school. If fully funded, it is designed to make public education a priority and give every child an adequate opportunity to learn.  However, legislators have refused to fully fund MAEP in all but two years of the program’s existence resulting in schools being underfunded by over $1.5 billion since 2009.  In fact, MAEP will be underfunded this year by more than $250 million below what the formula requires.”

In order for Better Schools, Better Jobs to succeed they need YOUR help to gather 110,000 signatures. If you’re an avid reader of then we already know you care about what’s going on in the world and the community around us. I can’t think of a better way for us directly affect the our community right now.  Sign up to become a volunteer and help collect signatures, register voters or answer phones, whatever they need or whatever you can do.

We at fully support Better Schools, Better Jobs, MAEP and the push to make it a constitutional right that every child be afforded the opportunity at an adequate and fully funded education. Join us in helping this organization make these dreams a reality while helping us change Mississippi forever.

Sign up here and for more information on Better Schools, Better Jobs and the education ballot initiative visit

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