“Cue The Rant!”:: Why Black Men Should Be ‘Angry’

finalig2I had an intriguing conversation with a former colleague about the city of Jackson and current events.

Race has been a hot topic in our country as of late. Regular people have become public figures with their opinions. People are angry and on edge at our nation’s new emphasis on being ‘politically correct’. People are angry but no one should be angrier than the black male.

Cue The Rant!

While the media loves to continue to use the narrative of ‘the angry black man’ that paints all black men as angry and unstable, they don’t seem to realize that the black man has every right to be angry at this country and society.


We as black men have to keep proving constantly we are worthy of this system and country. It’s widely known that we are pulled over and jailed at substantially higher rates than our white counterparts. We are constantly under the microscope of society. And being so scrutinized only heightens our chances of getting caught up in the system.

If a black male gets caught with marijuana as a teenager, his chances of graduating college drops dramatically. Once a black man is in the system with a strike against him he has only 2 more left before he is lost to the system forever.

Our system is like someone who is constantly needy to a black man. We have to keep proving that we are good productive citizens and that leaves little to no room for mistakes.


So when I hear ‘black men have to take more responsibility‘ from talking heads and pundits, I am allowed to be angry. Because to some it’s as if they have completely ignored the fact that in every way in this country the system is against the black man. We are essentially set up to fail and when we do the all burden is put on our backs.

It’s like playing a game that makes it impossible for you to win and then calls you inferior and places the blame on you when you play and can’t win.

So yes black men are definitely allowed to be angry and should be more angry. You already think we are for no reason. Wouldn’t you?

I’ll save the Sir Charles for Friday.

2 responses to ““Cue The Rant!”:: Why Black Men Should Be ‘Angry’

  1. Let me start by saying that I love black men. I do agree that society purposely has set up traps to cause the black man to fail. However I feel as if anger will not allow you to move forward. When you are angry you are stuck in the same place. You will eventually use society as an excuse to stay in your situation and that’s what a lot of people do. I would like for the black man to be smarter than that and rise above it! Make you a vision board and focus only on what you want to achieve! Later these barriers that society has set to block you will only be your testimony of how you got through it! You can have your time to vent and be angry but how long will you allow anger to be your excuse of not moving forward?

    • I’m digging what you are saying. I think I and others as black men must rise above our anger no matter how warranted it might be. That’s just the burden we carry. While it is unfair we still can’t react the way everyone else can. Thanks for the comment Ms. Juicy Peach!

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