The Top 5 Timeline:: Mean Tweets, Kanye and Kim’s Vows & More


Hey boos! I’m back with a new edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Lets laugh this Memorial Day!

1. Mean Tweets 7

Jimmy Kimmel has struck gold with the mean tweets segments. Here’s a brand new one from last week!

2. Sneezing on Mom prank

Sneezing on people will forever be funny. Check out the Mom gag.

3. Walmart goes high tech

Anybody who goes to Walmart knows how impossible it is for you to check out. We see where their money is going


4. Asking Mom uncomfortable questions

DCYoungfly is one of my favorite viners. Check out his Mom’s reaction to a hilarious question!

5. Kanye and Kim get married

I read this tweet and cried laughing because this is probably what happened for real!

photo(7)Thanks for laughing with me this Monday! Remember to follow me on Twitter @IvyRed to laugh on days other than Monday! Bye loves!


Because I couldn’t choose just 5!

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