The Daily Takedown:: [VIDEO] Blogger Accused Of Exploiting Senator’s Wife

The senate race between incumbent Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel is heating up and took an ugly turn. Political blogger Clayton Thomas Kelly has been arrested for allegedly sneaking into the nursing home where Sen. Thad Cochran’s wife resides and taking photos. Rose Cochran has been in this nursing home since 2000 and suffers from debilitating dementia.

Kelly is a supporter of McDaniel and the Tea Party.

The Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves for this increased fanatical behavior. The Tea Party is the embodiment of the super right. They are more radical versions of the establishment conservative. So when someone does something as deplorable and reprehensible as taking photos of someone’s bed ridden dementia having wife, it shouldn’t surprise you. Fox News and the Tea Party has been basically priming their base to go off the deep end like this.

And while Chris McDaniel and his campaign are denouncing what happened you can’t help but to think they might have had a hand in this directly or indirectly. While I’m certainly not saying they had a direct hand in this (there is no proof), the fanatical faction of his political party certainly plays a role in breeding this behavior.

To Fox News and all you Tea Partiers.. all those scare tactics are working. And there going to be your undoing.

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