The Daily Takedown:: How To Talk To Your Kids About The Michael Sam Kiss

article-2625988-1DC4530B00000578-519_634x420As we all know by now the first openly gay football player Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend. He celebrated like most do, hugging and kissing their loved ones. But this one set off a firestorm because it showed two men kissing on television.

One of the most ridiculous arguments I’ve heard against ESPN and the NFL network showing this is that “hey, I’ve got children watching tv.” Look no one cares. Your child watches the most messed up things on television including violence, murders and heterosexual sex all the time. People shouldn’t have to hide who they are because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or don’t want to explain to your children why two men are kissing.

This notion that people are expressing of ‘you’re gay no one cares, keep that over there‘ is worst than outright homophobia. Because at least people who are openly homophobic actually let us know off the top. And people who act like they care aren’t fooling anyone. Your anger and frustration of ‘not caring’ smacks of homophobia because if you truly didn’t care you wouldn’t say anything.

Now like most straight men, watching two men kiss is definitely not my forté. So I just change the channel or stop looking. But hey that’s me. I realize everyone isn’t going to be tolerant and that’s okay. But remember you open yourself up to ridicule by expressing your beliefs. Just look at your boy Donald Sterling. You don’t have to like black people just like you don’t have to like gay people or just them kissing. It’s not illegal or wrong to think that. But as you see the world is changing and people aren’t standing for it.

Like the integration of public schools after the Civil Rights Act, this will be something we will all get over someday. Don’t believe me? Just look how far we’ve come! No one even seems to care or noticed that they are interracial.

Check out this video on how to talk to your kids about the Michael Sam kiss.

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