The Top 5 Timeline:: Kevin Hart Goes Viral, Mother’s Day Humor, & More


Hey boos! I’m back with a new edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Time to laugh loves!

1. Kevin Hart goes Inside The NBA

I don’t even watch basketball but I do catch the Inside The NBA crew sometimes and I have to say Kevin Hart had me crying with this one. The video has gone viral already!

2. Something every black child has went through

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day, here’s a little Mother’s Day humor. Something I’m sure we can all relate to. I rinsed the dishes and put them back every time.

3. When you’re trying to leave but someone won’t let the convo go

Oh how many times have I been through this. I go through this with my coworkers and customers at LEAST 4 times a day.

4. Diddy speaks at Howard graduation

Little known fact: Diddy actually attended Howard. He was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony this year and as you see people aren’t gonna let him make it!

photo 1(2)5. When your mom goes off on you and you can’t say anything

Everyone has been there. Mom going straight off on you and you are so mad but can’t say anything. One more for Mother’s Day!

photo 2(3)That’s it for this week! But sure to check back every Monday for more laughs and follow me on Twitter @IvyRed for more laughs on days other than Monday! Bye loves!

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