The Top 5 Timeline:: Obama Busts Jokes, Falling Asleep to BET, & More


Hey folks! It’s Ivy and I’m back with a new edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Lets laugh shall we?

1. When someone doesn’t like Beyonce

My reaction is the exact same when someone says Beyonce is ‘just okay’.

2. When that one guy tries to be deep but makes no sense

I think it’s the funniest thing when dumb people try to be smart and deep. I can never keep a straight face.

3. The President kills it at the annual correspondents dinner

It’s something like a tradition now during the correspondence dinner for the President to bust a few jokes. Obama is natural and funny as usual!

4. When you fell asleep watching BET back in the day

I laughed so hard after I saw this because this was so true. Kerney Thomas has awakened the best of us.

5. How students look when asking for extra credit

It’s graduation season and I know a few of you were looking just like this in order to graduate. It’s okay if you made it it’s worth it!

photo(6)Alright folks, thanks for laughing with me! Remember to follow me on twitter @IvyRed to laugh on days other than Monday! Bye loves!


Here’s a bonus because I just could not stop laughing at her. How do you fall standing still?


The Beygency

Saturday Night Live gets it! Respect Beyonce!!

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