“Cue The Rant!”:: Sorry, Black People Can’t Be Racist


One after another, like clockwork, old cantankerous white men showed their ignorance the past few weeks. Now while the things they said don’t surprise me or a lot of other folks out here, it’s still very much newsworthy and amusing. And I’m not going to comment on these two guys and their situations because the subjects have been beat to death by the media. But from these situations I noticed a pattern. And then Bennie Thompson did something that made me smile. A CNN reporter questioned Thompson’s remarks about Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas during a radio interview when he called him an “uncle Tom”. The conversation went something like this.

Bash: When you said Clarence Thomas was an “Uncle Tom,” what did you mean by that?

Thompson: “Well if you look at his decisions on the court, they have been adverse to the minority community, and the people I represent have a real issue with an African American not being sensible to those issues.”

Bash: Isn’t that a racially charged term?

Thompson: “For some it is, but to others it’s the truth.”

Bash: Because looking at that and hearing that kind of language, that certainly wouldn’t be appropriate if it was coming from somebody who was white.

Thompson: “But I’m black.”

Bash: That makes it OK?

“Cue The Rant!”

Yes that makes it okay!


Bennie Thompson had me crying laughing and has gotten my respect after that exchange with that CNN reporter. And what he said is something that all black people believe and have said regularly. Clarence Thomas is the true definition of a clown.

Something that people don’t seem to understand and I’ll put this quite simply is that black people can’t be racist. And painting him as a racist is precisely what that reporter and a lot of other news pundits (Fox News) and people around the country were trying to and failed. And that makes their blood boil because it doesn’t seem fair.

White people and a lot of other people (even black people) just don’t seem to understand that racism is a one way street. In order to determine whether a black person can be racist, we must first define racism.

According Dr. Claude Anderson, “racism exists only when one group holds a disproportionate share of wealth and power over another group then uses those resources to marginalize, exploit, exclude and subordinate the weaker group.”

Black people do not hold “a disproportionate share of wealth and power over another group.” Nor do Black people [in America] possess the ability to “marginalize, exploit, exclude and subordinate” another group.

Therefore a black person can not be racist. They’re mad because they feel like they can’t say what they want or it seems like they aren’t truly free.

Clarence Thomas

Well they can keep that pity party. I have a hard time garnering sympathy for people who control the world. They hold all the wealth and power but they’re mad the world won’t tolerate racial insensitivity. They are mad because they can’t say the N word. As unfair as this world is to black people and they have the audacity to complain about anything is a ridiculous sentiment.

As the legend Chris Rock famously said in response to white people not understanding why they can’t say the N word, “this is all we got! You want to be able to say the N word? Sure lets trade! You can say the N word and anything you want without being seen or called racist like black people can and I’ll change interest rates!”

That quote alone shows how ridiculous and insignificant the issues these people are mad about. So the Cliven Bundy’s and Donald Sterling’s get no passes and I’m glad America is finally starting to come around on it too. And kudos to Bennie Thompson. Even though you have become more and more establishment it’s really nice to see he still is holding on to his roots and making sense.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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