The Top 5 Timeline:: Tracy Morgan Modeling, Tom Hanks New Movie, & More


Hey loves! I’m Ivy and I’m back with another Top 5 Timeline! Lets get to the funny!

1. White people playing ethnic roles

This is clearly the next step. Might as well.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.30.57 PM

2. When someone asks you about school at a family gathering

I never had to worry about this too often but sometimes I swear I wish I could have said this back in those school days!

3. Epic vine-bomb

I wish I was this gifted at making faces. Hilarious!

4. Happy Easter

A little Easter humor to cap off the holiday. I love this lady on Family Guy!


5. Tracy Morgan was a barbershop model

Who knew Tracy Morgan was so handsome? And that might be the funniest former job a comedian ever had.

Okay loves, thanks for checking out the Top 5 Timeline! Remember to follow me on twitter @IvyRed for more funny on days other than Monday. Bye boos!

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