The Top 5 Timeline:: Step Dads Get No Respect, Fake Drake & More


Hey guys, I’m back with another Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh together shall we?

1. Step dads get no respect

I’ve never had to deal with step parents (thank God) but apparently they get no respect.

2. I-Witness News– Fake Drake

People like to give Drake a bad rap because he’s a little sensitive in his music but after this I just don’t understand how anyone could dislike him! Check him trolling fans in disguise asking about himself!

3. Christ is watching

I saw this after some late night scrolling on Instagram after seeing a bunch of freaky posts.

photo(6)4. Taking off the mask

Everyone black who has to work with white people understands this.

photo(7)5. When you find out how your white friends talk to their parents

Okay you know something is funny when you can kill it on facial expressions alone. This is exactly how I react in this situation!

Okay loves that’s it for this week! Hope I made your Monday a little better! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for more funny on days other than Monday at @IvyRed! Bye!

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