The Daily Takedown:: Jackson Voters Go To Polls Today


The day has finally arrived and Jackson voters are eager to get to the polls to cast their vote for the next mayor of Jackson. After the unfortunate and untimely passing of former mayor Chokwe Lumumba, a special election was organized. Heavy campaigning was done. And a number of debates have been seen. Now this election is in the hands of voters.

With 13 names on the ballot, 7 serious contenders and about 50,000 expected voters, anything could happen. While we are a social commentary and political opinion website, we at won’t explicitly support any one candidate because there are qualities we like in all of them. We just give you our opinions when we think they are warranted based on policy decisions and circumstances and we don’t think it’s important to endorse a single candidate. The important thing to do is to get out and vote. (FYI: The unfortunate voter ID law that passed is still not in effect so you don’t have to have your ID to vote.)


Good luck to all of the candidates and may the best man or woman win! And most importantly, get out and vote Jackson!

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