“I’m Just Saying..”:: 4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life


According the calendar, it is officially springtime. And many of us are participating in the spring cleaning tradition. It is a tradition where we thoroughly clean our homes after the busy holidays and a harsh winter. It’s as if the spring sunshine has exposes the illuminates the dust and dirt in our homes and our chaotic clutter and unnecessary clothing and belongings. But who says spring cleaning should be limited to just our homes? Like our homes, our lives can use an annual thorough cleaning. Grab your broom because it’s time to sweep around your own front door.

1) Where is the dirt?

Personally, I hate to dust. I always have. I tend to delay dusting by cleaning everything else in the house and save dusting for last. But after a while I start to see dust bunnies, which I hate ironically, and I know I have to do something about it. So what areas in your life are you avoiding taking care of? Reflect and determine the areas in your life that have been poorly kept. Health? Career? Weight? Budget? At times we get so comfortable in our own dirt that we no longer recognize it until it becomes unbearable. If you’re not sure where your dirt is, reflect on what areas in your life are you not happy or unsatisfied with. Realize you have the power to change whatever you are unhappy with in your life.

2) Declutter

Clutter exists when things are simply not in its proper place. Life is about boundaries which create order and organization. What areas of your life are you spending too much/ little time and/or money on? For example, are you constantly wondering where the time went effective because you’re constantly on Vine? So what is the cause of your disorganization? Procrastination? Laziness? Lack of fun? Boundaries are not set in stone, you can adjust them as you grow. Create or recreate the proper boundaries that you need in your current life.

spring-cleaning-tools3) Purge

Every Spring I go through my closet and remove old, outgrown and useless items. I get rid of the old things to make room for new things. Life is no different. Those outgrown friendships, useless habits, old grudges that you’re hoarding must go. When I was in college my dorm room was like the hub for my friends. When I would start to clean up I would see their things they left behind. Sometimes people leave behind dirt in our lives and too many of us are waiting for them to come back and clean it up. Although it’s their “items” it’s your life it’s affecting. Allow yourself room by removing it. Once you toss out the unnecessary, don’t go dumpster diving. Let it go.

4) Maid Service

Sometimes a house can get so dirty, so cluttered that you may need some help. It’s okay to call in reinforcements. If you are not happy with your weight and have no idea how to get started, no shame in hiring a personal trainer. Admitting that you need help can be hard but don’t ask for help if you’re going to fight process the entire time. Don’t be that person. Don’t let shame, anger or anything else frustrate you. Take that energy out on the dirt, not your aid.

In a fast paced world, our homes as well as our lives can become poorly kept or cluttered with chaos. As you make your spring cleaning list for your home, don’t forget to include you on it.

I’m Just Saying..

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