The Top 5 Timeline:: The Messy Tongue, Conan Rides Along & More


Hey boos! I’m back with a new edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh together!

1. Oh, I love it..!

Mindy Kaling sums up the look you give your friend when you get something you don’t want. Hilarious!

unnamed unnamed22. For the ladies

He wants to take you to the movies ladies.. African rap at it’s best!

3. The messy tongue

Only my ladies would understand this.

4. Ride Along

Conan is always pretty funny and Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are hilarious. This is a few months old but I just found it and laughed so hard I had to include it.

5. The effect of Drake

I hollered when I read this. People just won’t cut Drake a break!

photo(6) copy 2That’s it for this week loves! I hope your Monday was made a little brighter! And for more funny on days other than Monday follow me on twitter @IvyRed! Smooches!

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