That’s Deep:: A Call To Action For Jackson

thats deep

I once had a conversation with a friend of mine, when we were both sophomores in college. It was about giving back to Jackson when we got older. We both attended Power APAC and remained in the program throughout our years in secondary school. We both experienced the blessings that our city has to offer. My argument was that if I were able, I would not build a school in Jackson I would, instead, build it in a neighboring city and bus students to the facility (I can’t remember what my logic was for that idea). He insisted that it would be best to build things in Jackson for the kids in our hometown to experience blessings that we’d received in having exceptional teachers, close-knit friendships, and a community atmosphere.

I’m from a place where strangers wave and speak to one another, where church congregations really do make a difference in the community. This is a city where news anchors and reporters are just as much a part of our extended family as our cousin’s wife’s sister. Jackson, Mississippi is a capital city with a small town appeal. It’s small enough for local news to travel at the speed of light, yet large enough to provide opportunities for the extraordinary to occur. Jackson is poised to be the South’s newest boom town. So, what’s stopping us?


Ancient Egyptian civilizations built structures centuries ago that modern scientists and engineers still can’t understand. They developed medicines, forms of writing, and agricultural practices that eclipse some of our greatest inventions. If they could accomplish so much, with so much less than we have today, then Jackson can experience the growth that it is due.

Jackson and the state as a whole have a rich history in social activism and in grass roots organization. I say we channel that energy; channel the energy of ancient civilizations and band together to make some wondrous things happen in Jackson. And you can do this in your hometown as well. Hit the comment box and type “I will” if you’re willing to actively pursue prosperity for your hometown and your community. You don’t have to live in Mississippi. You don’t have to be eligible to vote. But you do have to want to make a difference for yourself and for your community. Let’s do it!

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