“I’m Just Saying..”:: 8 Ways We Kill Our Dreams


Do you have dreams? Not like a clown chasing after you with a chainsaw kind of dreams but of goals and ambitions? Are you working towards it or have you given up? Langston Hughes explained what happens to a dream deferred: it dies, along with the dreamer. The Walking Dead is not just a television show. It’s our reality. Dead dreams are leaving too many people hopeless. But it’s never too late to revive your dream. And one of the ways to revive your dream is to figure out what killed it in the first place. Here’s 8 reasons why you may have given up your dreams.

1) Fear
Fear embellishes reality – it lies and convinces you that it is telling the truth. It steals your hope.  For instance, your coach wants you to play point guard but you’re afraid to due to your lack of confidence in your dribbling skills. Do you quit the team or practice on dribbling?  We often avoid the areas we feel weak in due to fear. So what are you really afraid of? Think about what you are afraid of and why you’re afraid of it, then seek the remedy.


2) Definition of success
Webster defines success as the accomplishments of one’s goal. Just because Drake wants the money, cars, clothes and the garden tools does not mean you have to. Trying to reach someone else’s idea of success only allows frustration to steal the joy your dreams give you. Personally define success and work towards it. Do not compare or let anyone belittle your success. And whatever you don’t use this as an excuse to settle. That’s fear talking. Strive.

3) Lack of planning
Anybody can get a college degree but not everyone knows how to use it. Do you know how to make your dream a reality? It’s not your fault if you don’t know how, but it is your fault if you choose to stay ignorant. Ask questions, research, make plans and try. Write out your dreams. Describe and explain your passions and dreams on paper thoroughly. Then figure out what types of careers, positions, and internships will help you get a step or two closer to your goal. Remember a career creates your dreams and goals while a job creates someone else’s dream.

4) Small dreamers
Just like the Walking Dead, people living with dead dreams will try and devour you and your dreams. You have to avoid their mentality. You can’t tell everyone your plans. Big dreams terrify small dreamers. And small dreamers also have big and convincing mouths. They will shout their fears to you so much that you will start to believe they are your fears. Know the difference between helpful and hateful words.

5) Passion vs Occupation
Who said your passion has to be your occupation? Who said you can only have one passion? People are complex. We are able to have multiple passions, whether collectively or individually. If your passion is to be the best parent you can be then strive for that. Just know that may not pay the bills. If you have to work to provide for your children, then that is a part of being the best parent you can be. Money isn’t everything but as my mommy says, “you gotta eat.” Remember what your definition of success is.


6) Lack of discipline
There will come a time when the motivation will fade, the smaller dreamers will holler, and you will be exhausted. If you do not have any discipline during these times you will quit. Tough times are a part of the process. Even with tough times you have to maintain your faith.

7) Instant gratification
When you had the dream of shooting the winning 3 point shot of an NBA championship game, did you think about the two a day practices? Probably not. You will not reach all of your dreams and goals as easily as you can picture them. If it is your passion and you really want it, put it the effort. The work will be worth it.

8) Setbacks vs Failure
Many people choose not try because they are scared to fail. Failure only occurs when you stop trying. Setbacks will happen. But they will educate you with invaluable tools you were missing to reach your goal. Setbacks may also redirect you in the path that you are supposed to go. Don’t fear failure; instead have faith in your success.

Don’t be afraid to dream or to pursue it. You never know what change in the world is inside you.
I’m Just Saying..

2 responses to ““I’m Just Saying..”:: 8 Ways We Kill Our Dreams

  1. thanks for sharing. Raven.
    i love the info on passion and occupation. one should just know that ones occupation and training does not define one totally
    The ability to break out of this stereotyping, and pursue ones passion on the side, is very necessary for self fulfillment and also help in aligning one in the path for Gods Call ..

    Thanks again.

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