The Top 5 Timeline:: Reporter Terrified, Loaning Friends Money & More


Hey guys, Judy is back with another edition of the Top 5 Timeline loves! Let’s get to the funny!

1. You don’t understand how important this is.

Do you remember ‘Charm School’ on vH1 with the Flavor of Love girls? Flav usually gave girls nicknames but Saaphyri’s (pronounced: Safari) was so original he couldn’t top it. That’s how you know your name is real.

2. The look you make when your mom says this

I think this is the exact look everybody in the world makes when their mom says this.


3. The use of this “or nah” phrase is getting out of hand.

Are y’all tired of this phrase yet… ER NAWH?! I’ve gotten tired just yet but at the rate it’s being used I’m sure it won’t be long.

4. Why you shouldn’t let friends borrow money

Kain Carter breaks it down to a science to explain why loaning money is a bad idea.

5. Reporter’s reaction to an earthquake

This has to be the scariest guy of all time. He looks terrified.

Okay that’s it for this week folks! Remember for more funny on days other than Monday follow me on twitter @IvyRed! Bye loves!

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