The Daily Takedown:: [VIDEO] Touré Debunked For Nonsense Argument


Touré, a host on “The Cycle” on MSNBC, gave some commentary the other night on why the democratic establishment should all band together to support Hilary Clinton as opposed to new liberal star Elizabeth Warren. Now if you don’t know who Elizabeth Warren is, she a senator from Massachusetts who gaining a following for her pure liberal beliefs. She’s clearly to the left of Hilary (as President Obama positioned himself when he was running) and is every democrats real dream of a perfect candidate because of the beliefs she embodies.

Now while I usually don’t jump into the speculation pool, this little soliloquy by Touré just reaks of an establishment molding his views and telling him what to say. I’m a firm believer of voting for what and who you believe in and the notion that you should just settle and vote for someone doesn’t have the qualities you want but is “the most electable” is ridiculous.

My guy Cenk Uygur takes Touré down and debunks his entire argument with facts. Obama did it Touré. Stop letting MSNBC make decisions for you.

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