“Cue The Rant!”:: Why We Should All Be Happy Boosie Is Free


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard that Lil Boosie is home from prison. That’s right, the rapper and hood legend Lil Boosie was released from Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana last week on March 6. He was originally incarcerated on drug possession and firearms charges and later while in prison faced a litany of charges including intent to smuggle contraband into prison and even murder for his alleged involvement in the shooting of Terry Boyd (which he was later found not guilty of). After 5 years in the big house he was released and seems to be an even bigger star than he was when he went in.

Social media reached a fever pitch this past week and this introduced the world to Boosie outside of the south and the hip-hop world. His fans and a lot of people were happy to see him home and they expressed themselves online. But not everyone loved people being happy that Boosie was free.

Cue The Rant!

Why do people have to spoil otherwise good news? Anytime a brother gets out of prison, especially when he was locked up of something as insignificant as drug possession, it should be good news. Of course people are going to be happy Lil Boosie is out because he’s a popular rapper. Why wouldn’t they be?

Yes he faced other charges on the inside but he was acquitted of them. We aren’t celebrating the fact that he did something to get in there, we are just happy he is home. And if you paid any true attention to the Boosie situation, you would see that it was obvious the DA’s were drumming up all kinds of trumped up charges while he was in prison to keep him locked up. Seems to me they had a vendetta against him and the music he puts out and they were trying everything they could to keep him locked up. Just look at how frequently and fervently the prosecution would bring charges to him even if the evidence was almost non-existent (as they did with the murder charge).

You can feel whatever way you want to about Boosie but the fact is that he puts his soul in his music and he’s talented. You can’t call yourself a fan of hip-hop if you can’t appreciate all hip-hop music. It’s truly a reflection of people in their environments. People use hip-hop to tell stories they know and relate too. Everyone is not the same and there’s a time and place for everything. When I’m out clubbing or at a bar I don’t want to hear Common’s social commentary and uplifting music. And vice versa, when I’m reflecting and feeling pensive I don’t feel like hearing Boosie.

I wasn’t even going to discuss this but the ignorant statements people were making, along with folks raining on others parades for showing their excitement about his release really teed me off. Why are you so mad that people are excited? You can’t even give a good reason. Folks like Jason Weaver are reduced to juvenile name calling and flat out hating because they feel some type of way. He was talking about we should celebrate milestones in our black brother’s lives like he does it all the time. When’s the last time he did that? All this powerful insight is coming from a guy who was once arrested for urinating/defecated in someone’s yard.


md-conway-relaeseOh and you didn’t know who Eddie Conway was before you saw the picture on Instagram so don’t act like you are well versed in black injustices that have been going on. No folks don’t care he got out and neither do you. While Conway was obviously and unjustly incarcerated for something he did not do, I can point out similarities in Boosie’s case. I have to reiterate that Boosie just spend FIVE YEARS in prison for marijuana possession and gun charges. That is just ridiculous. Another black man locked up for a long time on insignificant charges. And while he was in there he faced a DA that was striving to keep him locked up because of his high profile and the music he made.

Jason Weaver and the rest of you people that want people to be as miserable as you, just let it go. Folks are happy that their favorite rapper got out. Stop trying to use it as a platform to tell black people what’s wrong with us. From one hater to another, stop hating.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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