That’s Deep:: Happiness Isn’t Based On Others’ Success

thats deep

My grandfather once told me that we should never look at what other people have and judge ourselves based on what they have acquired or accomplished. “God didn’t put us on this earth to live a life of suffering. We’re supposed to enjoy life,” he added and I have subscribed to that idea. After having been motivated to seek happiness and guard my joy, I set out to eliminate the barriers that kept me away from happiness on a daily basis. As I began this ghost busting process, I realized that much of my unhappiness stemmed from my believing that I don’t have all that I should have.  Where’d I ever get that idea? Well, life in America is the answer to that question.

Markets React To Moodys Bank Downgrade

America is the land of polarity; there are two opposite sides to everything in this nation. There’s “right-wing” politics, leftist politicians, the rich, the poor, private school, public school, health food, fast food, obesity, anorexia, hot-blooded, and cold-blooded, white, black, young, old, and very little consideration for anything in between. There is no happy medium. Such is the case with success and failure in our culture. America is a dog eat dog world and complacency will not be tolerated.

That’s what the Millennial generation has been taught:  you’re either the CEO or the janitor, because middle class does not exist. The wealth gap between the highest earning one percent of Americans and the rest of us is widening each year. Doctors and Lawyers are making chump change compared to what some of the nation’s college dropouts have been able to earn. So, if Mark Zuckerberg can change the world with one website, why can’t you? What does Zuckerberg have that you don’t have?!

image3Zuckerberg had the skill set, opportunity, and the desire to accomplish what he has accomplished.  I can’t critique my circumstances based upon someone else’s triumph or failure. What I can do is adopt tunnel vision and focus on the things that I’m passionate about. Marketing experts make a living by creating distractions and this great country thrives on suckers. You and I can’t afford to be suckers, so stop buying into hype that takes money out of your pocket, years off of your life, and your soul out of your body. Let’s adjust our blinders so that we can focus on today, in preparation for the long haul.

It’s Spring Break in many places, so I won’t inundate you with a lot of facts and figures this week. Enjoy yourself, rest, and rejuvenate your mind. Take a break from television. Put your phone away long enough to actually enjoy yourself without documenting every moment with an Instagram photo. Assess all that you’ve achieved up to this point in your life and take deep, refreshing breaths. Next week, we’ll put our noses back to the grindstone.

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