“I’m Just Saying..”:: The One Thing You SHOULDN’T Bring Back From Spring Break


Spring Break is Here!

To some of us that is the best news in the world! But to the rest of us it means absolutely nothing anymore because we are out of school and have to work.


But for those of you who have been flooding my timeline with your Spring break preparations; the hotels, rental cars, bathing suits, and so on, I wonder if you have forgotten the not so popular necessity?

Do you remember was the last time you were tested for HIV? Do you know the HIV status of the last person you had sexual intercourse with? If you can’t answer yes to these questions, keep reading.

Society portrays spring break as a one giant freaky party. It includes lots of alcohol, drugs, partying, and careless sexual activity. College students use these two words as a pass to literally lose their mind and to get as wild as they can. However the idea that “What happens in Spring Break, stays in Spring Break” is crap.

Within the past few months, there have been numerous men and women being charged and found guilty of purposefully infecting multiple partners with HIV. You read that right. Multiple. One particular case, involves a HIV infected college student who videotaped himself having unprotected sex with 30 men and women. Police cannot identify all 30 victims by the tapes and the accused refuses to cooperate. So now we have 30 potential HIV cases who have a history of having unprotected sex are unaware of their dangerous situation.

There have been too many cases in the news of men and women purposely spreading HIV to multiple partners. But how? How are these people able to convince someone to have unprotected sex without knowing their STD/HIV status? There is so much information about sexual health and protection, yet people are having unprotected sex like someone came up with a HIV cure last week!

Honestly, I blame society. I blame society for misrepresenting and exploiting sex. Society has done a fantastic job of scaring people into not becoming teen parents. The teen pregnancy rate is actually decreasing.  I think the fact that there are so many different types of birth control that people see a condom as a an option and not a necessity for safe sex. If you are not going to abstain from sex until marriage (safest way to go) at least protect yourself from every potential outcome. HIV/AIDS is just as real as pregnancy- it will be with you for a lifetime. Do not put the fate of your health in someone else’s hands.


Society paints this picture that we should carelessly have sex with as many people as possible before you get “too old” and ready to “settle down.” That is terrible mindset to have because sex requires responsibility.

It’s amazing that our generation has the audacity to gloat about being “100” but is afraid of the truth. Do not let fear of knowing your HIV status be the reason to not get tested. If anything use the fear productively. Use a condom or abstain from sex. You know I think the Bible may have a point when it says do not have sex until marriage.

To paraphrase the great millennial philosopher Lil Wayne, “Safe sex is great sex, you better where a latex cause you don’t want that text, that I have HIV text.” Do not put the fate of your health in someone else’s hand. Get tested often, use condoms and know your partner’s status. If you are going to have sex, a simple effort of a condom can possibly save your life or someone else’s. Have a great Spring Break! Bring back t-shirts, pictures, and fun memories. But don’t bring back anything else!

I’m Just Saying..

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