The Top 5 Timeline:: Justin Nails Jimmy, Obama’s War Plans, Beyonce & More


Welcome to another edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Brought to you by yours truly, Big Booty Judy.

1. Obama’s plans on a war with Russia?

People heckle Obama all the time while he’s speaking publicly. But if you are gonna heckle him be sure to make it make sense. Check Obama’s classic WTF reaction!

2. Celebrity Style Family Feud (SNL)

The funniest thing about this SNL sketch is Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon trying to keep it together as Timberlake nails this spot on impersonation of Jimmy. Oh and Kenan has me crying as Steve Harvey!

3. Beyonce Wears Mask


4. When You Realize You Aren’t The Only Black Person At The Party

Yeah, I went to MSU for 4 years so…


5. Fake Sneeze Prank

I don’t think I would have reacted as kindly as this guy but it was funny nonetheless


My brother cried laughing at this, so I thought y’all would enjoy!

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