“Cue The Rant!”:: 3 Reasons Why You Have To Break Up With Your Ex’s Family


You thought you were in love. Maybe you were in love but for some reason it didn’t work out and now your relationship is over. And it sucks because you might have spent so much time with him or her and so many years. You thought they were the one! And while doing that you built a great relationship with his or her family but now it’s really over. So is it appropriate to still have some kind relationship with people who were so gracious and helpful to you all those years? Even if you guys have cultivated a relationship separate from you boyfriend or girlfriend?


“Cue the Rant!”

Nothing makes my blood boil more than a person who still tries to keep a relationship with an ex’s parents. People who don’t want to let their ex’s parents go really aren’t over their ex. And this is almost always an exclusive thing that women do and you can tell because it lacks in general logic.

1. It just doesn’t make sense.

Guys know better from the beginning that keeping an active relationship with ex’s parents just won’t look, feel, or sit right in the future. We nip that early, especially if we plan on ever dating again. We already understand our future girl isn’t going to stand for that before we even know who our next girl is! Simply put, guys generally understand that it isn’t logical to actively continue relationships with ex’s parents. There is no good enough reason why and we understand it’s going to provide more problems to benefits, especially when it comes to dating someone new.

2. Your next significant other won’t like it.

The most common sense reason to not keep in touch with an ex’s parents is because they simply won’t like it. No matter what they say. And while guys are less likely to keep a relationship with the parents, they usually are more likely to be understanding of why their significant other values their relationship with an ex’s parents. But that depends on the guy. But the ironic thing to me is while women are much more likely to keep relationships with ex’s parents, they are also just as much likely to be less understanding if you value the relationship with your ex’s parents. Keeping a relationship with an ex’s parents is a bad idea because it screams that you aren’t really over them. And while you may argue back that you don’t have a relationship with your ex, only his parents, I must disagree. The only reason you have a relationship with the ex’s parents is because of the ex. And we have to remember that these are his parents. They made, birthed and raised them. There is no him without them. They are the closest people in the world to him. Remember, they are a package deal.

470_26095353. It’s creepy

Do you really want to be that person who still talks to an old ex’s boyfriend’s mom from years ago? Really? If you don’t see a problem with it, go try to explain it out loud to someone and watch the face they make. Please don’t be that creepy person who can’t let go!

Look, I’ve peeped game and I know what it is. People who don’t want to get over an ex use the parents as pawns as a way to keep tabs over their ex. And that is just sad. If you still don’t get the big deal just imagine the looks you’ll get if your visiting your ex’s parents and your ex comes home with his new girlfriend. You would have just created the most awkward situation of all time. Then imagine yourself as the new girl going to your boyfriend’s parents house and seeing the ex there. That ought to give you a really clear picture of what’s wrong with that. Put yourself in her shoes.

The ex and family comes as a package deal. You can’t have one without the other; it’s just not possible. So when you call it quits with the ex, also goes the parents. Think about your new relationship and put your new significant other first. If you really have their best interests at heart, trying to continue a relationship with ex’s parents and family will become an afterthought.

If it doesn’t make sense by now then I can’t help you.

Thank God it’s Friday. Don’t forget to Cue the Sir Charles.

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