The Daily Takedown:: (VIDEO) Arizona Legislators Backtrack After Anti-Gay Bill Backlash


You know it’s bad when Fox News turns on something you know they’d jump at the chance to defend.

Arizona legislators got checked in a big way by big business when they passed the SB 1062 measure which would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT individuals because of religious views. They claim it is necessary to protect religious business owners from being forced to serve customers against their religious conscious.

But I guess they didn’t realize they opened a can of worms. It took for them to actually pass the bill and big industry’s like the NFL (who are supposed to host the next Super Bowl in Arizona) to say they don’t support discrimination of any kind to realize were being discriminatory.

Now legislators are backtracking and urging the Governor of Arizona to veto the bill they voted for! Incredible. I love it when bigotry gets checked. More proof that the only God the GOP worships is money. Even bigotry comes second.

Watch the hilarious reaction of Arizona legislators to public outcry. Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks takes them down one by one.

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