The Top 5 Timeline:: NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets, Colbert Can’t Keep It Straight, & More


Welcome to yet another awesome edition of The Top 5 Timeline, the funniest stuff we’ve seen on the web this week!

1. How Girl Feels When A Cute Guy Calls Her Cute

Trust me, this is the exact feeling we get if we could translate it into body movement.


2. Mean Tweets- NBA Edition

Since this weekend was NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, I thought what better way to commemorate that with a classic Jimmy Kimmel staple, the always hilarious “Mean Tweets” when celebs read mean tweets from regular people on air. Here is the NBA edition and this is easily one of the funniest editions I’ve seen!

3. Dogs Will Be Dogs

If this would have been people instead of dogs this wouldn’t have been nearly as funny. But it isn’t. This vine stars dogs therefore it is hilarious!

4. Colbert Can’t Keep It Straight

This was one of the funniest vines I’ve seen in a while. Check out as he tries to keep a straight face while trying to get these names correct on his show!

5. A Girl’s Hilarious Reaction To Being Scared

Hey, give her a break! She probably was nervous!

That’s it for this weeks edition to The Top 5 Timeline. We’re making your Mondays more enjoyable! If you have any funny videos, tweets or social media content, we’d love for you to share it with us. It could make a future The Top 5 Timeline!

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