“I’m Just Saying..”:: Stop The Disrespectful MLK Party Flyers

I was surfing the world wide web like I usually do each lunch break and guess what I found.


Mmhm. I made the same exact face! Someone please take this fool’s Photoshop away!

The younger generation is so ignorant about their history it’s ridiculous. There was a time when a white man could spit in a black man’s face and the black man could lose his life if he chose to defend himself. There was a time when the only job choice a black woman had was a cook or nanny to leave her home and family to take care of a white woman’s home. There was a time when racism was exposed and violent. There was a time when black mothers would be filled with fear when their sons left their homes afraid they would be lynched. Well, maybe that last part is still current. Unfortunately.


I’m not here to give you all a history lesson but then again, it looks like this generation needs one. Especially when the battle is not over. Racism still exists. Discrimination still exists. We can’t fight and win this war with mindsets of this flyer. This shows a lack of knowledge, and respect of the legacy of a man who sacrificed his life for the cause. A cause to let African Americans sit in front of the bus or to sit in any restaurant we please without being slapped, spit on or beaten. A cause so that minorities could really enjoy the freedom within the constitution.  Freedoms that are now being taken for granted. I don’t think MLK’s dream was to let freedom ring so we could twerk to freedom’s beat.

What really scares me is that the above flyer is not the only one. This is not the first MLK Jr. birthday bash that degrades his legacy throughout this country.  I’ve seen these flyers for parties all over the country which proves my point; Ignorance.  Unlike my generation, our parents and grandparents lived through these tough times. We’ve heard the stories from those who suffered it through. We have the emotional connection and understanding of our history. Some of us are still foolish but I’ll get to that later.

    The recognition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is a day to reflect on his legacy. The hard work and dedication of a Southern Baptist pastor who advocated for equality amongst races and dreamed of freedom from racism, segregation and discrimination. This man deserves so much respect, banks, some schools and occupations close on his birthday, parades march throughout cities, and people serve their community in his honor.
If you want to honor this man then by all means please do. They say imitation is the sincerest form flattery. Lord knows we need more Martin’s in this world.

I’m Just Saying..

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