The Top 5 Timeline:: 28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy, Peyton Manning Garbage?, & More

Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Top 5 Timeline! In this weekly series we will feature the funniest tweets, meme’s, pictures and videos we found on the internet from the past week! We’re trying to help you start your week off right!

1. How To Properly Fold A Shirt

Check out the gif below for the proper technique of folding a t-shirt.

2. Weird Day At The Beach

Always look hard before making your move.

3. 28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy

Saturday Night Live has been on point lately with their sketches ever since they added more flavor to their lineup. While there aren’t nearly enough people of color on the show, they at least recognize the problem and seem to be on the way to fixing it. And they seem to be using their cast effectively. Check out this hilarious short sketch below commemorating Black History Month!

4. Peyton Manning is Garbage?

The Super Bowl was surprisingly lopsided this weekend as the Seattle Seahawks steamrolled the Denver Broncos. Of course this had the twittersphere on fire with everyone taking to the social network to voice their opinions on the game and its players. Some people took it too far but thank God there are people on twitter to help check people and set them straight.


5. How To Practice Self Defense

This maybe one of the funniest vines I’ve ever seen. It comes from a very funny show on NBC called “The Office”. Check out this guy exhibit a new self defense technique he just learned.

That’s it for the first edition of the Top 5 Timeline! We’re aiming to make your Monday’s bearable. Check back every Monday for more funny from the week before. And if you come across a hilarious tweet, meme or video, share it with us through our contact page! It could make our Timeline!

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