Women Should Be More Honest Than Men


RoderickCaricatureHey ladies, did you know there’s a quality that you must have to be considered a good woman? This quality is absolutely imperative if you ever plan on having or keeping a relationship and might even be the reason you can’t keep one. And there is bias that I’m forewarning you of because this quality doesn’t apply to guys (sorry that’s just the reality of the situation).

Cue the Rant

When it comes to honesty in relationships, ladies I’m sorry to say that you carry the bulk of that responsibility. But let me preface this rant by saying that it is still very important for men to be honest. I’m all about equality and equal rights and all that but ladies, being loyal and honest is a duty that should be built in your DNA. You see, we as men NEED to know our woman is honest and loyal. A woman can be everything else in the world but if you lack those traits you will forever be single.

But not only that ladies, if you don’t exhibit these qualities you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. This is part of what defines you not only as a woman, but also as a person. And I’m not talking about being honest and perfect about every little thing. I’m talking about a man being able to trust that if you say you are his, then you are really his…that you have self-respect and show your respect to him by staying loyal.

This quality in a man isn’t as tantamount as it is in woman. But this doesn’t mean that a dude isn’t going to be honest. This doesn’t mean don’t expect it because it isn’t in our nature. That simply isn’t true. What I’m saying is while honesty should be an important trait in everyone’s significant other, it is more important for a woman to have this trait because it is one that a man requires in a good woman, wife and girlfriend in general.


It’s just like the quality that men have to protect and provide. These qualities, while valuable all people are more so important in men because of the roles we play in relationships and what you require from us. I’m not saying that you should need or want a man to provide or protect you. But contrary to how you feel sometimes, all of you women want your men to strongly exhibit these qualities. Just like you want to know your man is being a man and showing these qualities, we like to know that our women are exhibiting these qualities.

And it actually works out perfectly because it’s built in our DNA. Just like guys have that instinct to protect and provide for the one they love, women are made to care! Ladies, you care and for some of you it drives you crazy! Because women are made to care, they are more likely to be loyal because they think about the consequences.

Bottom line, ladies if you have a man and you aren’t loyal, you are literally useless to us. That’s like a grown man who doesn’t see a reason why he should protect and provide for you or even try to help. He’s completely useless too. So while no one is perfect and mistakes happen, ladies the honesty burden falls on you. Just like no one has the time for a lazy man not trying to take care of him and his, nobody has time for a untrustworthy lying woman!

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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