The World Doesn’t Revolve Around YOUR Religion



You want to know what I can’t stand? An ignorant and closed-minded Christian. I can’t stand a Christian who thinks the word revolves around their religion. I watched a story about a girl in a Rankin County high school who teamed with the American Civil Liberties Union and sued the school for making her and her classmates attend a mandatory school sponsored assembly to watch a video talking about Jesus and Christianity. Then in the news story, they had this goofball go in the Christian handbook and whip out the crazy conservative quote, ‘I think prayer should be allowed in school and maybe if it was, things wouldn’t be as crazy in schools these days’.

Cue the Rant

Man SHUT UP! You sound like an idiot. If you’re so pro-prayer, send your child to a private school! Because as long as the state and federal government fund PUBLIC schools there shouldn’t be any religious endorsements by an institution. People flee their native country to come to America to assimilate into society and make a living. And they send their children to public school to get an education, not learn or be integrated into a religion especially if they are already deeply rooted in one.

But let a Muslim Shaikh walk into a school attempting to teach the principles of Islam in Rankin County and watch how these same evangelical Christians flip out and abandon the free speech claim. I hate to watch old evangelical Christians act dumbfounded and confused as to why church and state are separated.

Evangelical Christians are the main supporters of our country’s constitution and swear by Jesus it’s infallible. But just like they do with the Bible, they are selective about what parts they enforce and what parts they are passionate about. And when it comes to the constitution establishing the separation of church and state, Christians tend to not understand that schools are not allowed direct school led prayers or attempt to teach religious point of views. And its not because ‘your religion is being persecuted’. It’s because of a simple little fact and that is that everyone is NOT Christian.

Let’s use logic and common sense for once people. Take that ridiculous feeling of persecution on somewhere. If your child attends a public school, NO you can’t have preachers come by to have assemblies to teach about Jesus Christ or lead prayers. I know this is a foreign and crazy concept but what if some students were not Christians? GASP! And if you’re all about being free to express your religion no matter the venue, then how would you feel if the school invited a Rabbi or a Muslim Shaikh to talk to the students about their religion?

Save the ‘we were a nation built on Christian principles’ argument too. One of the most important principles Jesus taught was tolerance. And if you can’t practice it don’t even try to preach it. Our nation was built on the principles of democracy, equality and freedom. And in order for that to happen the government doesn’t endorse or represent a religion to a group of free people. The world is bigger than you crazy conservative evangelical Christians. And this is coming from a saved Christian!

Thanks it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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