Stop Complaining About People Imitating You


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I really believe that. Before I started my production company, I don’t think I’d ever been imitated. I mean, think about it. Someone finds you interesting enough to watch you and try to do what you are doing. That’s really the ultimate compliment. But I also think it’s pretty sad at the same time.

Cue the Rant!

Almost no idea is truly original. And people are products of their environment, they will only do what they think they can do or see others do. So I don’t understand why people get upset when people start imitating them in some form or fashion. If anything, that’s the perfect example of how you know you’re doing something right. People won’t do something that doesn’t look right to them. Stop being closed to situations and embrace the fact that people actually notice you and what you are doing.

What I do is find motivation in people taking notice to my actions and imitating me. I check it out and critique what they are doing…then I go out and work harder to further push my foot down on the neck of my competition (I know, ruthless right). But that’s how you have to be these days. I do it to also test their intentions. The majority of people who imitate what you do, do it because they see your success and want to mimic that. As Jessica loves to say, they don’t see the hard work that goes into it, they just see your successful product.

To all the imitators, don’t get blinded by the success you want to mimic. There is still something to be said for doing something because you love it. And even if you love it, sometimes that still isn’t enough. One of the most important things I’ve learned these past few years in terms of running a business and following your passions is to stay consistent. Consistency, coupled with hard work and a passion for what you do is the recipe to success. The top thing that completely drives me crazy is people who jump all in for something, do some decent work or get a little shine or “Instagram fame” as I like to call it, then turn around and check with them a few months to a year later and they don’t even do it anymore or you haven’t heard about them doing what they did anymore. Everyone knows someone or has friends that does or did music, owned a business, threw parties or what ever they did for a short time and now you can’t even find them doing anything anymore.

Most people who are successful in music or a business have been doing it for a long time because it takes a considerable amount of time to become successful at something. This instant gratification society has been spoiled into wanting everything now, including success. But a Trinidad James like skyrocket to popularity and success is HIGHLY unlikely for everyone. People have to realize that even more than hard work, consistency is needed for success. Because the longer you do it, the more people will take notice to it. And the more you remind people what you do and how you do it, they more likely they will associate you with it.

So basically, stop complaining and worrying about people imitating you. It’s the perfect affirmation that you are on the right track.

Use it as motivation. Get passion on your side, along with hard work. Above all else, STAY CONSISTENT. Don’t stop blogging, don’t stop throwing parties, don’t stop doing hair, selling clothes, taking pictures, writing, don’t stop any of that. Keep going. Oh and get a website and keep it running. Nothing’s worse than a business owner or someone with a passion who doesn’t have a website or their site is down cause they couldn’t keep it running. How else am I supposed to look you up if I need you? It’s 2013.

Owning a business without a website… what kind of stuff is that?

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to Cue the Sir Charles.

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