Regulate Your Definition of Success


People of course love getting credit for every little thing they do, even if it isn’t much. That’s one of my top pet peeves. Another product of this instant gratification society is the rush to prominence and success. In the process of trying to be successful and rushing to the top, people love to celebrate their successes, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and tout them as huge successes because either they don’t know any better and think they are or because they want you to think they are. Well I’ve had enough of it!

Cue the Rant!

Do you ever get on social media and see someone just bragging about how amazing their successes are? Then you actually take a look at what they are talking about and are unimpressed? Like really, you finished reading that book or writing that paper? You want a cookie? Well yes, these folks do.

While some people use this as inspiration for themselves and others as an extra push to keep going, the majority of people do this simply to feed their egos. No one cares about that little baby accomplishment you just did. There is no need to celebrate! You just got to the first rest stop on the way to climbing Mt. Everest. I mean seriously. Folks are excited like, “I just heard my song on the radio” or “I just had my first event” and over share and over hype their success.

Don’t be one of those people. Because not only do I not like it, most of everyone around you doesn’t either. We’re happy you’re trying and we’re happy that you’re on the road to accomplishing your dreams and succeeding. We just don’t want to hear about those very small victories on the way up. Learn to recognize what a real piece of success is. And if you don’t know or are having a hard time figuring out when it’s okay to celebrate what you perceive as a win, remember what the Bible says about being meek and inheriting the world. And then remember what I said and shut the hell up.

No one likes to get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and reading yet again about how once again you’re ‘grinding’ or what you’ve gotten done. Because all you’re really doing is showing off for your social media ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. And working just to impress them or show off will surely impede your success you were once touting so much.

So basically, actually do something before you make me waste my time reading about how you did or finished something you were supposed to do.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to Cue the Sir Charles.

2 responses to “Regulate Your Definition of Success

  1. I’m super proud of your progress! Who would’ve thought the days of struggling in philosophy would help you get to where you are ! Lol! Keep striving and surviving!

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