Honesty Isn’t Always The Best Policy


There’s a way to say everything and honesty is not always the best policy. One of the most important things I’m learning as I’m growing up is the right way to interact with people.

Cue the Rant!

I don’t believe people can truly handle real honesty and that includes myself. Think about the last time you were brutally honest to someone or about something. How did that work out for you? Did they smile and thank you for that honest refreshing take about whatever you said? Uh no. If they didn’t out right get mad they did it passive aggressively.

I’m telling you that honesty just isn’t the best policy some of the time. This is why the little white lie was invented. This is why we as people have mastered the art of manipulation! Because if it were as simple, painless and easy as just saying it then it would have been said!

For example, lets say you have a friend. Or lets say you are a teacher and you have a student and every time you see them and they come to your class, they stink. What do you do? Tell an 8-year-old that they stink? No you can’t do that. So what do you do? Tell her parents? How, without offending them? Exactly!

We as people then start critically thinking about how we can solve this problem and this is where the manipulating comes in. Now if it were me, I would just coax one of the other students to tell her she stinks and that way the problem gets solved. Students usually succumb to peer pressure, especially when it pertains to something like hygiene and that way you don’t get in trouble or ruffle feathers if you say it. Everyone knows kids are honest and will say everything. But hey, that’s just me.

Speaking of honest kids, kids are the most honest creatures on the earth. If you’re ugly or fat, a kid will tell you to your face with no sugar coating it. Kids have no filter and haven’t really learned how to implement little white lies. The only lies they learn in the beginning are ones that benefit them.

And fellas this also goes for no-brainers like comfirming your woman’s negative statements about her body. LIE!! If she asks if she looks fat and she does look fat, LIE! Even if she begs you to be honest. LIE!!!

This skill at manipulating and telling little white lies is a skill learned later in life as we see kids aren’t really capable of telling them. So simply put, there’s a way to say everything, even the worst things. But still, there are some things that never should be said. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. Sometimes we should value people and their feelings more than the truth because in the end, that is what’s really important.

And if you haven’t learned in certain situations, you will. LIE fool LIE!!

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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