Cut Kanye A Break!


I’m sure if you’re aware of this or not, but I’m a big Kanye West fan. As a matter of fact, the first rant I ever wrote was about him, actually telling him to chill out. He’s managed to get himself back in the spotlight but this time with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, addressing his Twitter rant that was actually directed at Kimmel because of an interview spoof. And I’m here to tell you that while he’s quite eccentric, Kanye is just as important and amazing as he thinks he is and people need to respect him.

Cue the Rant!

Many people have this preconceived notion that Kanye West is just a jerk and not a nice guy. And while you have a valid reason to feel that way, I’m here to tell you it’s just not true. Ask anyone who’s met Kanye and experienced him in person. They’d tell you he was a nice guy. The people who he is a jerk toward are the media. This was confirmed and backed up by Jimmy Kimmel himself.

The bottom line is that Kanye West just says what’s on his mind, unfiltered. While some people obviously think that’s a bad thing, I don’t in some instances. He tells the truth. It’s definitely not the nice truth, the pretty truth, or even the politically correct truth but it’s truth nonetheless. Look at the past for plenty of examples.

Remember the Hurricane Katrina benefit debacle? (George Bush doesn’t care about black people). You can’t say every black person in the country wasn’t thinking that!


Remember when Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce for that MTV award and he famously interrupted her acceptance speech? He said it but a few of us were thinking it! (I know Beyonce’s fans were).

Kanye exposes the undercover racism that goes on in our society. Although they are though self-serving publicity stunts, he usually has a great point behind them. Just listen to his album and song “New Slaves”. He’s fighting corporations and the establishment.

One thing that gets on my nerves includes people who take Kanye way too seriously by saying he worships the devil, in the ‘Illuminati’ or takes it too far with songs like “I Am A God”. Kanye isn’t any of that. He stressed in an interview that the God song came about because he wanted to present himself opposite of what people and the industry wanted him to be. And he wanted to add some shock factor for sales but that’s okay.

But I did want to point out something I did not like from the Kimmel interview and that’s Kanye’s vendetta against the fashion world. Kanye, you’re a creative genius. A musically creative genius. Of course they aren’t going to be responsive of some rapper trying to come in and proclaim that he’s the best. How would you feel if the head designer of Louis Vuitton decided he wanted to be one of the best rappers out? Would you take him seriously? I didn’t think so.

A lot of people don’t realize that Kanye West completely changed the hip hop world and I’m about to tell you how. Kanye was the first non thug, non gangster, regular guy turned successful rapper. Think about it. He was a producer making beats and made a few for Jay Z. He dropped out of college, lived in the suburbs with his mom and wore Polo. When he told Jay Z about his rapping ambitions, Jay was reluctant to back him even after he saw he had a huge rapping talent. Jay had trouble seeing how he could fit a guy like him into the rap world because he lacked street credibility. But he did and look at him now. He was the first of his kind and basically lightened a lot of the street music out today. Most of the rappers out today should thank Kanye West, especially Drake.

He’s using his voice to spread truth and shine the light on injustice. During the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, in true Yeezy form, he says, “What, you want me to lie and say I’m not great?” He makes a valid point. We all already acknowledge his greatness and creative genius musically. Why can’t he? Because of political correctness? Humility? While those might hold weight and water, I’d take truth over humility any day.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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