3 Reasons Why Some of You Should Be Banned From Instagram



It seems as though I need to teach an etiquette class on all social media for those of you who just can’t seem to get it. I really don’t have time for all that, but what I will do is point out what drives me crazy not just with all social media, but specifically with Instagram and this new video feature. You guys have pushed me to the edge this week.

Cue the Rant!

Okay, first of all, when it comes to Instagram, one of my pet peeves is actually people who live their life to show it on Instagram as opposed to living life and capturing the good and interesting moments on there. And I know you all have seen it. There’s a good chance you might be one of those people. People who get all gussied up to go out JUST to take an Instagram picture to the point where they’ve already decided who and what they will take their picture of! There comes a point in time where you have to sit back and realize what you are doing. Lets not let a social media site dictate your life.

Another thing that really drives me crazy is over posting. I once followed a very pretty young lady who knew she was pretty. Uh-oh. And once while scrolling down my timeline I noticed that she had posted FOURTEEN pictures of herself. They were “selfies” from different angles and they all had been posted within 30 minutes of each other. I unfollowed her 3 minutes later. That was ridiculous! I’m sorry, it might just be me but I just don’t believe things are supposed to be posted like that to Instagram or any social media. If I don’t have anything going on, I usually post a picture once every few weeks or so. Posting everyday isn’t really that bad but I still think that’s a stretch.

Now lets get to this video feature Instagram has introduced. While it is still in it’s experimental stages with many, I want to get something across now. You’re going to learn video is an entirely different world than just pictures and tweeting and other forms of social media. Video gives us valid insight to the type of person you are and I must say, I swear I don’t really know a few of you but based on videos, I hate you already. Video is NOT the same as a picture. So I shouldn’t scroll down my timeline to see you posing in a video as you do in a picture and mumbling ‘hey’. And the fact that I have to even tell people this is sad in itself. I thought this should be common sense but hey, I’ve come to realize I expect too much from people sometimes.

The point I’m trying to beat across is live your life. Don’t get caught up trying to live it for Instagram and for likes and validity of your friends. Not only is that stupid but you’re too old for that. And drop the narcissistic tendencies. I don’t care how pretty you are, I’d rather not see 20 pictures of you in an hour time span on my timeline. Instagram isn’t Twitter. I go there to see people I know to various degrees talk in a sort of William Faulkner like stream of consciousness. I go to Instagram to see thoughtful and interesting moments in friends lives. Not 20 pictures of your face and what you ate and did that night EVERYDAY.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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