You’re Not Really An Entrepreneur



Multi-level marketing or network marketing. Have you ever heard of it? You probably have and don’t even know it. I know I have and it drives me crazy for more than one reason.

Cue the Rant

How many guys have approached you about joining and purchasing Primerica? What about Avon? Or the new hot trend, those damn wraps?? Every time I get on social media somebody is going on and on about those wraps. It took me a while to realize they were selling Saran Wrap and cream. But for me the worst part is that they try to get YOU to sell it too.

These aren’t necessarily ‘pyramid schemes’ per say, because pyramid schemes are illegal and they usually promise a service or product they can’t provide. But these ‘multi-level marketing’ programs are still eerily similar in my eyes.


Now before I go slap off, I want to preface this rant by saying I know people who participate in these “multi-level marketing” programs with the wraps, Primerica and a bunch of other stuff. And to the people I really don’t know who do this, trust me, I’m not hating. Get your hustle on! I want to see everyone succeed. You’re making money so keep doing you! I just couldn’t do it myself. And stop trying to get me to join your damn team! No I’m not going to sign up to sell products so you can get commission off of me too.

These faux entrepreneurial companies drive me crazy because I’m an entrepreneur. And it grinds my gears to see people who are really into it and really think they are entrepreneurs in these companies when they are really are just company employees. While you do hustle to make your money, don’t be out here like you are just king entrepreneur and so capitalistic. The reality of the situation is that you still essentially work for someone.

For people like me and others who are entrepreneurs who started their company from the ground up, who worked hard to establish their brands and get their names out there, we take offense to your insinuation that you are a entrepreneur by conventional standards. We didn’t sign up to sell another companies products. We sell our OWN products and services, open up our own stores and offices, and build our own brands. And we damn sure don’t try to get people to sell stuff under us (which is the main goal of those ‘entrepreneurs’ because that’s how they make the most money). We hire employees and give them paychecks and we pay taxes.

Now while you ‘entrepreneurs’ do offer people opportunities to make money with your ‘company,’ you’re trying to get people to come in with you mainly because you make money off of them when they sign up after you. And I’m well aware that there are people who make plenty of money off of these multi-level marketing schemes and even make careers off of it.

But stop jamming it down my throat in person, stop constantly posting it on social media and stop trying to get me to join your team!

I’m already an entrepreneur. Except I didn’t sign up with a company. I started one from ground up. It’s a lifestyle for me and its one I wouldn’t change for the world.

So keep hustling and shining folks. I know you’re making money and ‘changing lives’. Just stop thinking you’re entrepreneurs. You’re just a company employee and there’s nothing wrong with that.

That’s it for this week folks. I hope I didn’t piss you off too bad. And if I did, oh well. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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