You Say You Can’t Find A “Good” Man, But Here’s Why


The mindset of a woman is so foreign to me, (probably because I’m a man) but also because it’s so emotionally based and not really hinged on logic. And it’s really the young women in particular. I have no idea what women see or feel before they get to be about 26 and up but it is truly mindboggling to see the way of thinking of young women. So I’m here again ladies to bring you a dose of reality into your worlds. Here are a few simple tips and keys to getting on the right direction when it comes to finding that special guy. Lets get off of Venus and back on Earth!

Cue the Rant

Ladies, take a minute and dream for a second about the type of guy you want to marry. Now stop and wake up. Often times the type of guys you dream about are just that. Dreams. Over the years I’ve learned that guys come to realizations about women long before women come to realizations about men. The fact of the matter is that the likelihood finding a guy that looks like Idris Elba, athletic like LeBron James, a doctor making millions of dollars and heals sick kids and a great dad like Cliff Huxatable is zero to none. And disqualifying a guy because he doesn’t have either one of those qualities just idiotic. You have to figure out what’s important to you.

I know a young woman who once told me, “I only date guys 6’4 and over.” Young ladies, and older women will testify this for me, it is already damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find a good man out here. I mean it is rough from what I hear. And the same can be said about finding a good woman. It truly is a challenging journey! And now you telling me you trying to find a good man AND he HAS to be 6’4?? Do you see what you just did there? You just made an already impossible feat absolutely unattainable. You might as well pack it up and head home. You just cut off over half of the entire male population with that one. All the good guys that are 6’3 and 6’2 are no longer in the running. Good luck with that.

So I ask again, what’s REALLY important to you?? There’s nothing wrong with having standards. I don’t want you to get confused and thinking I’m bashing women with standards. I’m not saying lower your standards. I’m saying open your mind. Don’t miss out on a great guy just because he doesn’t meet one specific standard or a certain criteria.

Instead find wholesome qualities that show a person’s character and can be beneficial to you both one day. For instance, one of my criteria is that I only date smart educated women. And also I only date women I find attractive. You see how open ended that criteria is? I didn’t limit myself by saying long or short hair, dark skin or bright skinned or any of that. Therefore I’ll have plenty of women to choose from and a great chance at finding my perfect mate. Open your mind but don’t get that confused with talking to everybody. Ladies you hold the keys to your own destiny because as Steve Harvey says, you own the cookie. You control what everyman on the face of the earth is trying to get to.

And one more thing ladies. Please please please don’t be afraid to be single. Its always a red flag when you come across a woman who always has or keeps a man. Beware of the women who, no matter the situation, keep a boyfriend. They usually have underlining issues with being alone or a host of other problems. I know women who, albeit unconsciously, have a new boyfriend already lined up after a former relationship goes sour and that’s not a good look at all. If you are never single and don’t know how to be single then you can’t possibly have the time to work on yourself and learn from the past and become a better person.

It’s Good Friday, so I tried to be a little nicer today. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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