The Habits of True Professional People


Since I started my business, I think the worst thing I’ve had to deal with is unprofessional people. I don’t know why I thought professionalism was common sense but yeah, I’ve learned it’s in fact not all that common. And dealing with people, I’ve come to realize that there are two types of unprofessional people: people who don’t know any better and people who don’t care about being professional. But first off, let me set some folks straight.

Cue the Rant

First of all, let me address the wannabe businessmen who really don’t know what they are doing. The key to professionalism is organization and respect. Get your stuff in order and learn to respect other people’s businesses. A good way to start doing that is to actually plan ahead. Make an appointment! I had a guy, a friend as a matter of fact ask me about my business and wanted to contract my services. So of course I obliged. Then he asked could I be ready in an hour.


I run a business. I can’t just hop up and be ready to do something like a photo shoot at a moment’s notice, something that requires careful planning and actually booking an appointment. I had other clients lined up along with post-production work to do and EVEN IF I didn’t, I still wouldn’t do the shoot off of principle! You’re not only disrespecting my business but you also are showing me you have no concept of business acumen at all.

And also with the spawn of these new “entrepreneurs” selling these ‘products’, I feel the need to educate you with a few tips on entrepreneurial etiquette. Doing work for dirt cheap now doesn’t always pay off in the long run. Most people get used to those prices and refuse to pay more. And you don’t have to show the world via social media every time you make some money. We don’t care about that little $100, $500, or $1,000 you made today. That’s kinda pitiful. Here’s a rule of thumb. Don’t post less than $10,000 dollars on social media. And if you had any sense you’d know not to post that much money on there either.

And finally, my favorite, the people who only want to text important business. Newsflash.. texting is not professional AT ALL. You text your friends, family and colleagues about trivial or small things. You aren’t supposed to text a photographer or videographer to book an appointment. And while we’re on it, you shouldn’t break up with someone via text or anything like that. Anything life changing or altering shouldn’t be found out during text messaging. That’s wrong. This texting thing is getting out of hand.

Professionalism people. Try to practice professionalism. Even if they aren’t really professional themselves, I promise you they’ll appreciate it.

I’m calm. It’s Friday. Don’t forget the Sir Charles.

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