Stop Doing Stuff To Get “Famous”





It’s nice to know a lot of my hard work isn’t going unnoticed both from people who admire and tell me verbally and from the light whispers and chatters from people who like to talk behind your back. Either way, it’s a very interesting thing to go through.


Cue the Rant


In the field of work I do, I’ve started to notice that people who do this aren’t necessarily business minded or trying to run something like a professional. People who start businesses in the media field usually have other motivations to go along with their talent.


Everyone wants to be famous.


And that’s okay. But using your talents just to get known or be popular, in my opinion, is just sad. Are we still in high school? Is it really important for you to be popular? Really?


At some point in your life as you get older things like that should cease to be important.


I don’t know what it is with people in Jackson or really people in general. Every time someone embarks on a new journey and/or tries to do something new whether its in art, music, video, photography or anything people tend to hate on others around the city especially ones doing the same things they do. Well I’m here to tell you this has to stop.


Jackson is WAY too small to hate on one another. To truly reach another level of success that isn’t usually seen amongst people around here we have to learn to work together. I read a really good tweet by one of my followers the other day. He basically suggested that people have to work together if we truly want to achieve success. Because hating just holds us back. And hating on someone doing the same thing as you in Jackson really holds YOU back.


Like it or not, we all are essential to the success of each other in the city. I don’t hate on anyone in the city who makes videos or takes pictures because I understand I still and forever have so much to learn and I know one day I could need them for some great job or project. I have nothing but respect for people who do what me and my company does. I like to check out other peoples work for inspiration and just for general support.


And also, you weren’t the first person to start taking pictures, start a clothing line, design, doing video or blogging! (cough cough). So stop getting upset when people start doing it because they see you becoming successful at it! Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Now of course, I think I’m the best at what I do and I know I can back that up. But hey, I’m confident! Shrugs


Bottomline, keep on hating if you want on the next man doing the same things your doing, your probably not going to end up as successful as you could. Focus on your craft and getting better. And also people research, learn and talk to people to develop a business acumen. The purpose of the business you started was to make money. Of course it’s an art and you love doing it but the bottom line is dollars. It’s not to be known, or to get girls (like most photographers do) or to get to hang out with people who are more prominent and known (like most people who start videography).


I’d like to see all of these bloggers, photographers, videographers and clothing lines in Jackson business plans on paper. Or even better their tax returns and financial statements for the past year.


I bet a lot of y’all couldn’t give it to me if I asked. And if you know that’s you, you’er either not in it for the right reasons or you have no business acumen at all and probably won’t be doing this for long anyways.


Either way get it together.


Aaahhhh.. feels good to be back. And it’s Friday.


Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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