Social Media Relationships


You see it everyday. Log on Facebook. Check out your Instagram.

It’s the couple you love to hate.

You see them on your timeline taking up all kinds of space with their lovie dovie pictures trying to portray their lives as so happy. Can’t keep their relationship off of social networks to save their life. You don’t even have to ask them how they’re relationship’s going, you can just log on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and see.

Cue the Rant

You people that can’t keep your relationship off of social networks really grind my gears. Now I’m not talking about people who do it responsibly. I have friends who practice responsible relationship posting on social networks. But I’m talking about the ones who post every good thing their boyfriend or girlfriend does. Then you will get on Twitter and post cryptic tweets alluding your mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend. Come on people, doing that invites everyone that friends or follows you into something that was only meant for two people.

You leave openings for people to jump on and not to mention it broadcasts your immaturity.

Another thing that really drives me crazy is people that think they have to get off social networks when they are in a relationship. I’ve seen it on more than one occasion. “I already know I’m getting off Twitter whenever I get in my next relationship.” Really?? Why is that? Because you don’t trust your significant other or yourself? That’s really a telling sign of your character. Are you just no good when you get on social networks? Can you not control yourself or something? Do you not trust your significant other? That’s ridiculous. If that’s the case you should work on yourself and get over your trust issues.

But people please, we don’t need to see every date night.

We don’t need to know every time you guys have a disagreement.

You don’t have to show us everything.

And ladies it’s not about being ashamed of your relationship. It’s not about being proud and wanting to show off your relationship. It’s about being responsible when it comes to your relationship. Your relationship should only be between you and your significant other. That’s it. And here’s a little secret. Your relationship works out better when you don’t broadcast it everywhere. Keeping people out of your business period ALWAYS works out for the better.

I’ve had a girlfriend for a whole year. Yet people just found out about her because I decided to post a picture the other day. Not because I was trying to hide her or because I was ashamed. I kept it off social networks because it was none of your business. See how that works?

I’m calm, I’m good. It’s an ugly Friday but it’s Friday nonetheless. Don’t forget the Sir Charles.

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