Ray J, Shut Up



Congratulations Ray J, you have won the LAMEST ON EARTH award. By now I know y’all have heard the song. If you haven’t, you need to. It’s one of the most memorable worst moments in the history of people. It’s certifiably on it’s way to going quadruple plastic. “I Hit It First” is a really bad attempt at some publicity or even acknowledgement that he’s still living. Really dude? You gon send us a reminder? 6 years later?!

Cue the Rant

All guys know he broke a cardinal guy rule and that’s being petty. His reasons for doing this is too sad and he comes off as ULTRA lame. I can’t believe you’d want some attention that bad. Now the first time you addressed this situation it was hilarious. The infamous ‘LOL’ after Kim’s tweet made me holler out loud. You were alright with me after that. But you’ve sunk to a new low my boy.

It doesn’t help that you’re a marginal talent at best, and I’m being extremely generous with that statement. What do you do anyway again? Sing? Rap? Act? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. Not to mention it’s been forever since we’ve heard from you. Last time I checked you were fighting someone while you were Floyd Mayweather’s do boy. Don’t be mad cause the sex tape, (that you jointly released together) blew Kim up way more than you. You were already on the downside anyway and pretty much nothing could bring you back.

You’ll never escape Brandy’s shadow.

Yes Kim Kardashian sucks in her own right and in more ways than one. Okay she’s promiscuous and a attention whore. But you get a pass when you’re that pretty. You’re not a female Ray J, stop acting like one.

And then you have the audacity to insult the world’s intelligence and say the song wasn’t referring to Kim! REALLY?! You’re not even worth of space in this column Ray J. I can’t believe I gave you what you wanted. And that’s recognition.

At the end of the day, this is not going to work or help. And there’s three reasons for that:
1st – You’re telling info everyone knows so it’s nothin new and no one really cares,
2nd – You’re a man and no one cares about a man, and
3rd – You’re black and here’s a bonus – you suck at life.

And since Charlemagne tha God didn’t give you the “Donkey of the Day” this week, somebody has to do something. So I cued the rant on you and I’m gonna hit you with this, cause you need it.


That’s it, but I’m still not calm. Somebody slap Ray J for me. And don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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