Men Are Simple Creatures, 3 Things To Look Out For



Men are simple creatures. Ladies, if you can’t understand our actions, or us, nine times out of 10 you’re probably thinking too hard. I mean really.

So I’m watching Steve Harvey’s talk show and he starts giving advice on three things to look out for when you’re thinking about settling down. When it comes to relationships he usually hits the nail on the coffin. I’m marveling over here because he’s right on the money. So I’m gonna be nice today and relay this information I got from Steve and sprinkle in my awesome opinions.

“Cue the Rant”

Ladies, here are some simple tips on how to tell if you are the one, from a man’s perspective. If you’re frustrated in your relationship and just not sure if you guys are on the same page take a look at these three behavior patterns. If your man has or does these three things, he’s simply not the one for you.

But first of all let me give you a few tips Steve hit on that I found were VERY true.

Every man can change. Every man WILL change. But he will only change for the RIGHT woman. And you can’t be upset if you are not the right woman. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a GOOD woman. It just means you aren’t right for him. Take that as a clue and stop wasting your time. Because you can’t make a man change if he doesn’t want to.

See ladies, the responsibility falls strictly on us men. We are the ones that have to prove ourselves to you. All you have to do is sit back and observe. You have to use your intuition and good judgment. My dad told me a long time ago when you meet the right woman, you won’t be able to quite explain it, but you will know it. And every man I’ve talked to expressed this phenomenon.

My mom keeps giving me this suggestion for a rant. She asks me, “Rod, talk about why all men are projects?” At first I got offended, but after I think about it, we kind of are.

I think all men are projects because simply we are incomplete without our women counterparts. We need someone to help put it all together. Now granted, some of us men are more projects than others. A lot of us are jobless, don’t have our acts together, emotionally unstable, and are kind of aimlessly wondering through life. But for all those men, there are quality men too. Ladies, open your eyes and don’t be afraid to use some logic and common sense when picking a guy.

Okay, now on to the three attributes in a man to watch for.

If a man won’t address your needs or concerns there should be a red flag. See we men take care of what we love. That’s simple. That’s just what we do. We provide and protect, its built in our DNA so that’s something we will do a lot of the time and not even notice it.

The second thing to look out for is the guy who, after an argument or fight, he never comes backs to apologize or tries to make it up to you. If we never try to give an apology or make you feel better about the situation then we simply just don’t really care. If we care about you and plan on being around for the long run then we usually care about your feelings.

And the third and last thing, if a man isn’t willing to change anything then you need to be on high alert. If he’s completely stubborn and not open to changing even the smallest things about himself for you then he truly doesn’t care. And if your man had and is exhibiting all three of these qualities then don’t be mad, you’re probably just not the one for him. Keep searching. He’s out there, I promise.

But just in case, don’t hold me to it.

It’s Friday people. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles this evening.

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