Ladies…If You’re Not The One, You Don’t Matter

While watching Steve Harvey and through my own experiences, I’ve come to realize something and I think it’s a very valuable piece of information. I mean…it’s so simple, so obvious, but women or men probably wouldn’t really think about it. So I’m here again ladies to give you quite possibly the best advice of your life.

Cue the Rant…

Okay ladies listen up!

Are you tired of ending up in dead end relationships?

Are you ready for something serious and meaningful?

Or maybe you’re the total opposite. Maybe you’re not ready for something serious. Maybe you’re just having fun or dating and that’s fine too. But that in it self presents a problem, because you are getting feelings involved and that guy still has the power to hurt your feelings or things can go south and you can be hurt again.

Remember, as I stated in a previous rant about women being side chicks, you guys were meant to care. It’s not in your nature to be in a TRULY casual relationship.

So how can you stop it? No matter what your situation or how you are feeling at any point in time, if you have a man and want it to last or if you’re just having fun dating but would like to avoid getting hurt, just make sure of this one thing and it could save all your heartbreak.

And that is to make sure you are the one.

Now I know you’re like, “and how am I supposed to know that? When I’m in a relationship I’m still feeling out the guy for a period of time as our feelings grow, then I end up getting my feelings hurt or getting cheated on!” But I’m here to tell you there is a very simple way to know if you’re the one….

He’ll know it.

You see, as Mr. Harvey put it and as I have realized, when men find the right woman, we know it pretty much instantly. We know early on, ‘she’s the one’ or ‘I have to have her’ and we will do anything, and I do emphasize anything, to have her.

And most of the time, the lady is approaching the situation delicately. And most women can attest to this and understand that’s how it’s supposed to be. All the work is on the man. We are supposed to prove ourselves to you.

Fellas, if you haven’t experienced this, trust me you will. There won’t be questions if she is the one if she is. It is truly an unexplainable phenomenon. Now this is not to say you won’t get cold feet on your marriage day, have commitment issues, or worry from time to time, but I promise you, if she is the one you will know.

Ladies, if you aren’t sure that he thinks you’re the one then nine times out of ten, you’re probably not. You have to understand you are leaving yourself open to pain. Not to say that the man who proves himself to you won’t hurt you. He will, no man is perfect. But whether or not he tries to make it right shows you if he is truly ‘the one’.

The moral of this story is that if you’re not dating to take it to the next level, you’re wasting your time. And even if you hit me with the “I’m just having fun” tip, remember to be consistent, because if he up and leaves you or decides he’s done having fun with you, don’t be mad, heartbroken or upset about that (even though you really can’t help that because as ladies you were built to care). Ladies, date with a purpose. A guy will be with you for only two reasons, if he feels like he has to, or if he really wants to.

And if you don’t feel like unequivocally, without a doubt that he REALLY wants to be with you, then he’s probably not the one and you are setting yourself up for the L, sooner or later. And I’d hate to say I told you so but.. wait no I don’t.

It’s Friday folks, don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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