Ladies, You’re Not Meant To Be Side Chicks

So I’m sitting here watching what seems to be the woman’s gospel “Scandal” and I realize something. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) ain’t nothing but a glorified side chick. Now mind you, she’s a super fine side chick with a great job and is sexing the president of the United States BUT she is STILL a side chick nonetheless. And this is awful. (Conceptually, not as a show, it’s very good and well written) But why is such a successful and beautiful black woman being objectified and okay with being ‘the other woman’?? And even worse, why are y’all woman so in love with this show and Kerry and the President’s relationship??

Cue the Rant!

I’m not even going to talk about how messed up it is for black women and its implications and societal relevance because I just don’t have that kind of time. But ladies I want you to know the difference and be able to correctly interpret what’s going on and what you see. Everyone who watches the show knows that it’s probably not going to have that fairy tale happy ending we all are hoping for. And that’s okay. You see, I noticed that a lot of women do a lot of things based on emotion and feeling and I want to interject a little pragmatism and logic into those decisions.

Women, ya’ll are not made to be side chicks. That’s as plain and simple as it gets. Now this doesn’t mean that you will and should avoid being one and that all of ya’ll deserve kings, because that’s not true either.

It’s a lot of ya’ll in Olivia Pope’s shoes out here except the guy you’re the side chick of isn’t the president. He probably doesn’t even have a job.


Ladies, you are not made to be side chicks because at the end of the day, you CARE. You care about everything. And nothing grinds my gears more than a woman who says out loud or on the Internet, “oh, I don’t care” because it’s not true. When you’re a side chick you are basically a guy’s play toy… Someone to call and be physical (sexual) with when he’s tired of his lady at home.

And no matter how many of ya’ll try, ya’ll all fail because sooner or later ya’ll all catch feelings.

Now I know what you are going to say, “Dudes catch them too! Sometimes I have to cut them loose!” And I’m not denying that AT ALL. Some do. Those are the necessary exceptions to make it a rule. But far too often I come across women trying to perpetrate like she has no problem with just having sex with a guy. If you are, in fact, comfortable with just having sex with a guy then you have either A) Already tried the relationship thing with him and it failed miserably so you keep having sex with him cause he’s “safe” and you don’t have to add to your sex partner’s list or B) You have a penis.

If we don’t like your or have an opinion towards you, us men can still have and still WILL have sex with you. You see, if we don’t already have a relationship with you, sex to a man is purely a physical act. That’s it. Nothing more. No emotions get mixed and intertwined or none of that. Sex isn’t just physical to a woman.

To put it simply, ladies be aware of what’s going on in a relationship. If ya’ll aren’t on the same page, its probably not going to work out. You’re not made to be side chicks so try to avoid that route. If you don’t believe me try it out and see.

But remember, I told you so.

It’s Friday, so after this rant don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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