“Happy 4/20?!” You Need To Get Your Life Together


Ahh…the passionate counter culture that is the weed heads.

“Nothing’s wrong with it” they say. “Everyone does it” they say.

Now I don’t have anything against people who smoke weed. What drives me crazy is the people who obviously have a problem but don’t think they do because weed is the magical drug that is perfect. Those trying to assimilate you in their culture and misguide you into thinking its normal are the ones who grind my gears.

“Cue the Rant”

First of all, The Center for National Health Statistics estimates that only about five percent of people smoke weed. Now this is misleading because the majority of people who smoke weed don’t admit that they do.

So “4/20″ was this week and all I could see were posers on social media acting like they were big time smokers ‘wishing’ everyone a happy 4/20. Now I should put out the disclaimer on this rant that I’m not a smoker by any means. Tried it twice in college and learned getting high is just not for me. But what I really have a problem with is the weed heads that try to act like weed is not an issue and infallible.

Everyone has that friend who used to be fun, outgoing and cool to be around. But now he or she fell off.


Lips extra black, smelling and looking bad and just not the person they used to be. And no one wants to say anything but everyone knows what happened. Weed happened. No, weed is not crack. It’s not cocaine. Hell it’s not really even a ‘drug’ per say. Pleasure seeking people with addictive personalities are no match for weed. But people and weed heads need to get off this notion that weed is God’s gift to man. The psychological connotations weed has on people can’t be ignored.


Then you have women who enjoy smoking. I see it all the time on social media, girls defending smoking or my favorite, posting a picture or something about weed and defending yourself in the description. Like sex, weed is a double-edged sword with women. They know they get judged harsher so most that do it rarely put it out there and get mad when someone judges them and says “that’s not lady like”. Well damn, I’m sorry but it’s not. There’s nothing that runs me off faster than a woman smoking. Even most dudes that smoke don’t like their lady to do it.

If all u do is sit around and smoke weed, you need to get your life together because it’s more to life than that. I see people so emerged and enamored with weed that they don’t even know they have a problem.

Katt Williams said it best, “I have s**t to do today!” So I’m finna let you know how to tell when u have a problem:

#1: If you smoke weed every day, more than once, you have a problem. What the hell are you doing that u need to be high all day everyday?! You need to get your life together.

#2: If any of your social media names have anything to do with weed and you’re over 21, you have a problem. You know you’re too old for that. You need to get your life together.

#3: If you have emergency detailed piss test plans including how to store pee to keep it warm or water and pill regiment to clean out your system, for a job interview, you have a problem. You need to get your life together.

#4: If you are on social networks wishing people a ‘happy 4/20’ you have a problem. That’s not a holiday. All that does is show us you’re irresponsible. You need to get your life together.

And one more thing. If you’re mad and want to curse me out after reading this, you have a problem, and you need to get your life together.

I’m calm. It’s Friday, Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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