Get With The Times, The Year of Progression



Okay people the word for the year is progression. If you don’t progress, you get left behind. If you don’t adapt, you get left behind. This rapid pace society is ever changing and it’s changing fast thanks to wonderful inventions like the internet and social media.

Cue the Rant

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about what happened to Paula Deen.. and I must ask. Are you guys really that hurt and surprised? I’m not. You can’t be. She’s a 60-year-old, born and bred southern woman. Do you REALLY think she doesn’t use that word a lot? Come on people.

And also I woke up Wednesday morning to the historic news of the Supreme Court doing away with the defense of marriage act and throwing a monkey wrench in Proposition 8 in California. And of course people felt some kind of way with this news too.

So instead of coming on here and ranting why justice was served and why this is great for the Supreme Court and the country, I’m going to talk to you backwards thinking, non-progressive, ultra-traditional people in hopes of getting you ready for the future and what’s about to come.

First of all, when it comes to issues of race, people are going to feel the way they feel. It mainly has to do with what they are accustomed to and how they were raised and their experiences. I don’t think Paula Deen has any animosity or hatred for black people in general. I just think she was quite simply put, ignorant.

Don’t be ignorant like Paula Deen. In the next quarter century, whites will no longer be the majority of the population. And as evidenced in the last presidential election, things are shifting in that direction sooner rather than later. So all of you traditionalists and people who can’t seem to grasp the concept of different races of people need to get on the rainbow express quick because before you know you won’t have a choice but to learn to be tolerant.

And being tolerant can also be applied to this whole gay marriage debate. No matter your opinions on gay Americans rights and their lifestyle, you have to realize that they are people, they have rights and they are here to stay. And they also have no bearing on your life what so ever. How can you be so hate filled and upset about something that has absolutely nothing to you? You can’t be concerned with the sanctity of marriage. Not in America with the divorce rate at an all time high. Come on people.

So basically people, lets repeat the word of the year. PROGRESSION. With Paula Deen as a perfect example, if you don’t progress and adapt to society and social issues, be prepared to pay the consequences. Because she didn’t catch on with the rest of society about what is appropriate to call people and racial sensitivity, it is now costing her upwards of 12-15 million dollars worth of endorsements. And while she will always make money, trust me all that money she lost stung. And it probably stung her enough to make her racially sensitive and cognizant. Whew.

That’s it for today folks. I’m calm. And it’s scorching hot. Don’t forget to Cue the Sir Charles.

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