Fox News Is Terrified Of Race

fox news


I love to keep up with Fox News just to know what the enemy is up to and to get their opinion on politics and currents events. It’s also insanely interesting and entertaining. It’s like watching a well educated person continually wreck a train over and over for ratings and lots of money, but promises you they love wrecking their train on principle. Absolutely crazy.


Cue the Rant


You want to know something that truly scares Fox News?…The extremely complicated issue of race.


Not only does this issue present the possibility to ruin their image but it also could keep them from making money, so they love to paint the picture of it not existing. They also love to paint the picture of “It’s not us, it’s you.” They even have a phrase for it and that phrase is “race baiting.” Basically they try to make it seem as though the black community uses race as a crutch and that we over-exaggerate issues and events (i.e. The Zimmerman Trial). It takes the slogan of “Fair and Balanced” to the heart because they truly try to make you believe that this country really is fair and balanced for all.


The election of Barack Obama actually helped Fox News tremendously make this argument too. Not only did it give them the power to say “hey look you have a black president now so surely we are a completely fair and balanced nation!” It also gave them a focal point or pariah, if you will. It gave them an enemy and target to consistently go after and blame time and time again.


But back to the issue of race scaring Fox News…


People and corporations have shown a no nonsense attitude for racial insensitivity. Just ask Paula Deen. While she remains a millionaire, she continues to kick herself daily because people finding out she said the N-word once cost her upwards of $33 Million dollars. That’s a hard pill to swallow no matter how much money you have. That would make Oprah cringe. So Fox News understands they have to tread lightly on issues of race so what do they do?


They ignore it and pretends like it doesn’t exist.


This is crazy because Fox News is known for saying and doing outrageous things and making idiotic claims as a way to keep people buzzing and talking. But they won’t dare touch issues in regards to race. Look at what Bill O’Reilly said about the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial and why issues in the black community are so prevalent. He put the blame on the disintegration of the black American family – babies being born out of wedlock and absent fathers. He claimed that it had nothing to do with blacks being unjustly treated or being disadvantaged.


Well he’s right but there’s something he forgot. He forgot to answer the question of why. Why is the black American family almost non-existent these days? Why aren’t the majority of dads aren’t around? Could it be because they are incarcerated at a rate unheard of in any other race group? Is it because of discrimination in the regular world makes them have to turn to other ways to make money? Could it also be that unending cycle contributes to not having fathers and inadequate schools are declining contributing to more and more uneducated inner city youth (i.e. black kids) because more and more people are moving out of and away from these communities (i.e. ‘white flight’)? But of course he and the other pundits at Fox completely avoid those subjects and complicated questions. That’s how you stay out of hot water and that’s how you put even more accountability on others without having to take some for yourself.


Jon Stewart once said, “You people at Fox News are too smart to believe the things that come out of your mouths.” And I’m with him, I believe they are – but it doesn’t matter when money is involved.


That’s it for today. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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