The Dreaded “Friend Zone”


The dreaded “friend zone” – every guy’s worst nightmare. I was a good guy once upon a time ago and every girl I ever encountered wanted to be my best friend, including ones I was trying to get with and it drove me CRAZY. Fortunately, I’ve gotten past that awful stage in my life but it has always remained an area of intrigue for me.

Cue the Rant

If you read my rants on a regular basis you already know how I feel about men and women being “friends” and I’m here today to give you three reasons why you don’t need more male friends.

1. No matter what he says, your man won’t like it.

Ladies, if you’re in a relationship and you continue to add guys to your friend list, it’s going to be a safe bet that your significant other isn’t going to take kindly to that and it doesn’t have to be because he’s jealous or insecure. It’s mainly because he’s a guy and he’s leery and suspicious of the guy’s intentions. If you’re having trouble understanding why he has a problem with it, put yourself in his shoes. What if he was hanging out with Alicia or helping Carmen move and they were “friends”. You get the picture now don’t you?


2. The man’s intentions aren’t as pure as yours.

Everyone knows that when men and women become friends, it’s because it’s what the woman wants. No man walks up to a woman with intentions of finding a friend. And for that and other reasons, women should be aware that a man’s intentions might not be as pure as theirs.

Yes you want to be friends. Nine times out of 10 he doesn’t care either way. Guys don’t mind being your friend and being patient. If he thinks he has a chance to get with you, he’ll become unbelievably patient. Trust me I know. So ladies, can you really call that a friend? He’s someone being your buddy but essentially patiently waiting for the perfect time to swoop in so he can get between your legs. That’s your FRIEND?

3. You could miss your blessing.

I see women who pass up on good men, for whatever reason, daily. But they don’t just pass up on them by turning them down. They pass up on them by making them friends. If every time you meet a guy you put him in the friend zone, you need help. Women that do that usually make guys not worthy of them their boyfriends and then complain about not being able to find a good guy. I guarantee you that if you look in your pool of guy friends, there’s a great guy in there but you passed up on him for whatever reason.

So ladies, at the end of the day, no you don’t need more male friends (especially if you have a good man). All it does is complicate things in your relationship and its just not a good look.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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